Friday, October 28, 2011

Bring Back the High Waist Pants!

Have you ever felt bored with your own wardrobe? Like you have no idea what to wear every time when it comes to the weekend like this? Actually, I am one of those girls who always open wardrobe and stare at the clothes for about 20 minutes because seriously I don't know what to wear, I'm bored with my own denim also leggings is something I wear all the time. To be honest, I always mix and match urban street style but today I totally need something different. Something that makes me look trendy and comfy.

So what I'm recommending is a "high waist colorful pants" (mine is pink though)
You can mix and match this old trendy pants with a tank top, t-shirt or anything but for me I prefer tank top in order to look more actively.

Good things about this pants are
1) It looks like a long skirt when you are standing straight and it flaunts when you walk
2) It's comfortable to move around especially when it is a chiffon pants.
3) It looks trendy

Thus, this is how I'm getting ready to hangout with my friends.

Hope you guys enjoy mix and match this trendy pants but remember to "be confident&be yourself "

Have a super blast weekend