Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Lipstick?

What's good people?

Have you ever tried wearing "Black lipstick"? 

Some people might say yes while some say no but for me? Obviously hell yeah!

Credit from Tumblr
I'm not talking about goth make up though but to be honest, I'm kinda understand why people think that black lipstick is weird. Some people think this colour is a freak because it makes you look like a devil for some reasons.

However, I think black lipstick is like other colours. It is just a black lipstick you know. It's true that you may look like a devil (Even though it's not a Halloween) or a bad girl...but it is beautiful if you put it right !! :)Besides, there are so many heavy metal or rock bands who represent themselves as a trend of black lipstick these is so rock!

Alaina Beaton from Porcelain Black

Lilly Allen
Also, several black lipstick looks from other people

Credit from Tumblr
My look with Black lipstick
Credit from Tumblr

Credit from Tumblr
Credit from Tumblr
Credit from Tumblr

Well I don't think it is really that weird to wear this lipstick colour if you want to, just ignore what other people say. If they say you are a freak or crazy chic, just turn around and say "Like you are so beautiful at least I am who I am"  

Go try one,once in a life time you know lol Don't waste your youth time;)

Have fun&Have a great day at school,work whatever lol

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c ya!