Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Inspired by Circus

What usually pop up in your head when someone mention about "Circus" ?

For me, the first thing is bright colours like red and yellow. And the second is its crazy,wild and excitement!! 

I love the circus since it always inspires me to create the art work such as drawing, tattoo and clothes. It seems to be very challenging in thinking of how am I going to blend something so vivid into one stunning look. The more contrast of the colour tones, the more interesting I reckon.

Sometimes, fashion designers and photographers also got an inspiration from circus. Or even the challenging in the TV show "Project Runway" and etc.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui
Christian Dior

As a choice for a party wouldn't be that bad though :D

Project Runway

Nz fashion runway

Hope this can be the useful suggestion for the party theme this Friday!

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Hope you enjoy :)


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