Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bored with Feminine Style?,Let's Bring out the Jean Jacket!!

hey there,

Now again it's been almost a week that I haven't update anything since last sat. Take a blame on my manager though,now I've got such a lame work schedule lol. However, I'll never forget to share what's hot or what's not (in my opinion) of the week! :D. So my favourite item of this chillaxing week is a "Jean Jacket"

I know it's getting cold day by day but you know what sometimes I think this type of jacket also keeps us warm as well as leather or wool. Also, I think it looks cool&chic + you don't even have to try it hard to mix and match this item+++. 
My look of the day with mom's jean jacket
Sky Ferreira
Drew Barrymore
Moreover, if you bored with a girly style or wanna break the feminine level of vintage look, I really recommend this jean jacket in this season!!!.
Credited by tumblr

And don't worry there are various styles of jean jacket to choose from or you can DIY it :)

Soooo I gotta go now :D Hope you guys enjoy this weekend with my favourite Jean Jacket :)

Oh hey If you have party tonight, please stay safe cuz I'll do the same lol

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