Thursday, January 12, 2012

Must have colourful BLAZER

     If you think about the item that can mix&match with almost everything also every style, I think that item might be the "Blazer"

 I'm pretty sure that some of you guys already have the blazers in your wardrobe  but isn't it mostly  are Black and White? Everywhere I go, I always see people wear B&W, brown, grey or the colors in that simply tones. Actually, it is a very good option for work or study but let's find something more interesting! 

So, what I have here is the COLORFUL BLAZER instead !

Zara Blazer 
The colorful one can be mixed&matched in many styles since it can be casual, informal or sexy glam. And this is my today look with the pink blazer I've got from Topshop store a week ago. See that I wear the blazer on top with the dull red pants from Forever XXI but i did break the tones of these two bright tones by a grey tank-top.

Pink Blazer from Topshop
You can play with black jeans or trousers in order to make it look formal or the short pants or skirts for relax look tbh just anything you like :)


Top shop blazer 


Hope you guys enjoy& Thx for visiting my blog :)

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  1. I honestly have no idea on how to buy a blazer. I feel that it doesn't suit me well ~
    Anyway, I will keep looking for it till the day I can find the right one for me ! ^^

    1. sorry for taking so long to reply back, well you can try the short simple blazer for the first try then you can add some more items afterwards :)