Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fall in Love with The Shocking Pink

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't written anything in here for so long because I was really busy with studying 
and stuff. Anyway, at the moment I feel like I really addict to the colourful lipstick which is 
weird because mostly I only wear red or nude tone.

However, my favourite colour at the moment is "Pink" BUT not the simply easy pink 

but it is a "SHOCKING PINK" 

Shocking pink is quite cute colours for anyone who wants to look lively and cheerful :) since PINK is the colour of love, the colour of bright lively teens. 

You can apply the pink tone with any type of make up styles. 
- Apply with smokey eyes, its softness of the colour can replace other nude lipsticks when you want to intense your black eye-shadow


or just a simply apply with no eye make up or light brush on for an easy day.




Actually there are lots of cosmetic brands that sell the shocking pink/neon pink all the time. Here's some examples of my favourite options.

Number one is
With cheerful long-lasting colour and moisturiser, I really in love with this YS pinky!.

Easy to find, affordable price with good quality.
Favourite party choice ;)
Milky Pink for my favourite smokey make up.

This might not be the latest trend or anything but at least I hope it can be one of you favourite toys of this week :) If you don't know how to make up or what to make up, then try this pink :) and you will love it!!!

Have a great one.