Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fabulous and Comfy, It's Jeffry Campbell

This week the thing "must have" in my wardrobe is not really that new or special, BUT it is something chic and unique. And it is Jeffry Campbell!

I am a fan of strappy shoes and every kind of high-heels, but the thing is it is so hard to find the shoes that distinguished in design but comfortable in quality. However, I was attracted into Jeffry Campbell's designs since the first moment, still I thought it was a bit expensive and didn't look so comfy. 

But trust me, once you paid for Campbell's shoes, you wouldn't regret it. It took me 2 weeks to buy but since I bought it, I've been matching with my clothes all of the time. I'm telling you this pair of remarkably designed is really easy to be paired with everything. No matter how long you're gonna hang out with friends or shopping, the classic Campbell can be worn every time, every occasion. 

*For my urban street look, I paired the shoes with red skinny denim from Forever XXI and the long white tee.

Here are my simply favorite designs from Jeffy Campbell

For "chic" look, you can match Campbell's boots with long white tee and leather leggings
or  vivid leggings for more outstanding.

Black vest,Short jeans and Whit tee would really matched with this shoe design!

Mini Black dress with cheetah shoes, how sexy would that be?

Mini White dress with fur for those head turners!

Grey high-waist shorts with orange-brown blazer for more lively

"Must have items" i will keep updating for more!

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Have a great one!!


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