Monday, December 17, 2012

MANGO Touch, "Bag Collection"

Dear all fashionistas,

The (mass) clothing stores like Forever XXI, Zara and H&M are really perfect selections for some of you who prefer to look for wide range of products (clothes, bags and accessories) As well as, "MNG" or MANGO, renowned Spain based brand merchandiser. 

A week ago I went to MNG store (again) at Central Ladprao, one of the biggest department stores which located in Bangkok, Thailand then I found out that the new collection's really impressive :) I thought I spent probably 4 hours in shopping.......for nothing, I'd been walking in and out, from stores to stores but found nothing interesting until this bag from MANGO

The bag I bought from MANGO

 For you it might be "super huge" (actually I had that similar idea when I first saw it lol ) Anyway, it looks so chic and luxurious when matching with the clothes. High-quality material and medium weight can really be paired with any styles any days. You can mix&match with a simple dress for casual look or a graphic tee and high-waist denim just like I do! Besides, the capacity inside's totally meeting the needs of the customers (like me) who love to carry everything. For example, what I have in my bag are lip balm, mobile phone, house's key, organizer note, leisure book, mineral facial spray and etc. I think the price of 2,000 Baht or $67 is really worth it.

Some people might think that why should they spend a lot of money on just one bag? But you know you have been working hard for a year so why don't giving yourself a little treat? You trade the money for something good that you can use for a long time and that is a good investment :)

And here are some other bags from the collection MANGO TOUCH A/W 2012.

How about a treat for this Christmas? :)

Have a good day


  1. Love Mango's bag collection! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much Beatrice, I'll absolutely follow me back :) Or you can read more of my fashion articles at Fashion Studio Magazine/ Gail fashion diary.


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