Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(DIY) Glitter Tattoo

Last week, I had an amazing time enjoying the grand opening of Siam Center, one of the biggest shopping complexes in Bangkok, Thailand. However, apart from walking around and having dinner with friends, there was one thing that I had a chance to get it done finally. 

And that was a "Glitter Tattoo"

Glitter Tattoo had been written on my list like forever until I had it done last Wednesday. Apparently, it was really easy and you definitely can do it at home. Trust me, it is not really necessary to pay about 200 Baht (at least) just to get a simply small glitter tattoo on your body. But before that I would like to show what I got, it's the dog-worm tattoo inspired by galaxy colours.

And here is how to DIY GLITTER TATTOO :)

1) Buy a set of glitter tattoo which contains self-adhesive stickers, OR you can draw on a piece of paper, cut into your favourite shapes such as heart, rose, star or even your name. Then place it on your arm or any parts that you want.

2) Apply the "BODY GLUE"  and wait approximately 1-2 minutes

3) Pour your vivid glitter colours above the glued area then you can use a brush to blend it neatly. 

4) Use a big brush to remove extra glitter

And that's it, a beautiful glitter tattoo on your body :)

Have a good day