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Spotted Spring 2013 Colors Trend

Spotted Spring 2013 Colors Trend

Fashion is all about the trend, changing silhouette, makeup and style. As well as "COLOR" one of the significant factors which all of the designers have to consider while designing the new collection. Since they have to predict before hand whether which tone is hot which one is not, Thus,  according to Pantone's report, here I have picked some of the luminosity colors to show you.

(* เทรนด์สีสำหรับ Spring 2013 นี้ได้แก่สีเขียวเอเมรัล สีเหลืองมะนาว สีแดงดอกป๊อปปี้ และสีน้ำเงินคะ)

The First one is my all time favourite "Emerald" 

Emerald Green is truly natural color that leads to growth and harmony. The color is bright and shine which is suitable for women who prefer to dress simply with less makeup. Just a little bit of smokey eyes and nude lipstick, then you are ready to go. Even though, I don't really select emerald green as my usual outfit, I do select whenever I go to the events or any other parties because personally, I think this color is "plainly luxurious" You can merely match with a tiny sequinned black clutch and some gorgeous high heels, and this is already perfect!

The second is "Lemon Zest"or yellow lemon as I call. 

Yellow is a color of cheerful, joy and happiness. I would rather apply red lipstick on my lips for any chances I have to wear yellow dress to the party. It's amazingly matched with nude or light lipstick's shades too, but if you want the super contrast or powerful look, I recommend to wear the "red" on

However, not suggested to wear yellow outfits for casual meeting or formal events.
The third one is "Poppy Red" my must have items 

Red boosts the power, the energy and the sensation of confident and sexy. I really love this color, especially red lipstick and high heels. Either mix&match with black or white, it looks unique in different way. 

And the last is "Monaco Blue"

Monaco Blue is such a grand and peaceful color, yet magnificent and stylish. It can be paired with any kinds of shoes' color or even makeup. Nevertheless, if I have to go with blue total look, I will prefer to match with ordinary platforms, high heels or even natural makeup because, I think Monaco Blue's already stood out. Maybe bronze look or dark lipstick for dramatic look.

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