Saturday, December 26, 2015

Discover the Latest Fashion Trend with Hiphunters

There are a lot of online retailers emerging in a fashion industry every day. Not only in the UK, but also a wide variety of pure players worldwide. Talking about the latest trend on the runway? They are providing almost everything from top to toe maybe even cheaper than the retailers. Are you looking for something cool, something hip, among fashionistas on the street? Here at Hiphunters, an all-in-1 platform that helps us 'find, inspire, and shop' the latest style, as well as, high-end designer's. If any of us are familiar with an idea of a marketplace fulls of curated products, Hiphunters can be the platform we can hunt what we like for this season. 


London Fashion Week last year

Say goodbye to the retro vibe, and welcome the cosy sweater season. A few months ago, the vintage 70s inspired was really eminent among fashion bloggers (it's all over Instagram!), as it can be seen from a big fashion event like London Fashion Week. However, the temperature is getting low, the coat is absolutely one of the must have items this season. How could we possibly survive in Winter without layering the pieces altogether!? 


The three essential for the wardrobes this season are sky blue goffer skirt, buckled loafers, and denim vest. The goffer skirt is such a perfect piece for the party or a glam night out event. The bright pencil skirt with pleated silk can be matched with any dark over-sized tops (or metallic sweaters if ya wanna stand out from the crowd.) In fact, it can even be paired with my selection of Farfetch's tartan buckled loafers! Do it like a fashion blogger, mix and match the look like a pro, the street fashion scene wouldn't be completed without some rad shoes. 

What about an embroidered denim vest? Seriously, it can be worn, or style for almost any occasions. Denim vest is one of my fav 'on-the-go' piece because it is just so cool!


  1. I absolutely adore the seventies style and it is now stuck within my personal style and somehow comes out in literally every outfit of mine. I agree with the coat being the must have piece of the season. My wardrobe is 3/4 full of them :'') I think I need an extra wardrobe just for my coats! Too right with wearing shoes that stand out, I 've been buying so many pairs of different shoes this month and last that I haven't even worn some pairs yet! Whoops...I'll definitely get my wear out of them at some point. Are to=hose your favourite shoes or do you have others? I know you love your Doc Marten branded shoes :)

    Isobel x
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  2. Love the cool chains. Hope your Christmas as filled with laughter.

  3. Wow!! Cool style and chains. Awesome post :)

  4. Awesome post and great images photos too. Hope you have a fun-filled holidays, friend! :)


  5. I love that fur coat,its so beautiful

  6. how nice furry vest, very lovely color

  7. Hiphunters sounds like a great destination for tracking down stylish gifts - I'm always looking for new and fresh ideas! I love your layered look for LFW by the way, especially the teal fur jacket :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. I'll have to check out hiphunters it sounds cool. Love your layered look with the blue fur too!


  9. It sounds like a really good site for designer goodies :) You look so cute in the layered faux fur look- rocking it as always!

    Rachel xx

  10. Love those colours! Gonna check them out. Merry X'mas, babe! xoxo

  11. Thanks for sharing! Great post and pictures :)
    You can discover new brands at Hiphunters Market.


  12. Love your layered look great style and chains. Amazing post, I love that fur coat,its so beautiful!!

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