Monday, August 6, 2012

1 Fine Day with "See Through Skirt"

Greeting from Singapore,

 I had a chance to go on a backpack trip "10 days in Malaysia&Singapore" with some friends from campus and you know what it's such an amazing experience that I've ever had in my life. Anyway, "fashion" is something I never forget as well. I went to many places such as shopping malls, dining places even the famous nightclub called "Butter" 

  Some might prefer to change clothes from day to night while a girl like me just want to mix&match items in which you can layer it on top or take it off when you need to be sexy. It's like " Multi-function" style for those who do not have much time.

Thus, my choice was a "Double-layer see through skirt," fashion blogger's option in every situation.

During daytime, I paired it with printed tank-top and layered with navy blazer. It's really fashionable, you could go everywhere confidently since it absolutely called something into play. 



Then party at night, I just simply took the blazer off and put it in my bag ;) No need to change clothes, no need to waste your precious time.


 And here we go night out!!


p.s. If you want to boost it a bit younger and sweeter, just match  the see through skirt  with pink pastel/ cream opened-shoulder blouse. Tuck it in and pair it with Mary Jane shoes :)

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Have fun :)) 


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