Monday, October 15, 2018

Benefit of Coconut + Where to Buy Organic Coconut in Bangkok?

📍Bangkok, Thailand

Are you looking for an organic product to 'Heal & Sooth' rough and dry skin? Are you looking for the organic hair treatment to 'Repair & Nourish' rapidly? Coconut can be the right choice for you. Why coconut? It is one of the key ingredients, which can boost the hydrating effectively. Especially, for those who have a dry skin or damaged hair, coconut product is really a good answer. I've been using the organic coconut product for a while, and I really love how nature can really meet my need. Even though, the healing process can be slow (because it's 100% natural), there's no chemical absorbed into my skin. As a Thai blogger, I can guarantee that the price of such organic coconut product in Thailand is very cheap, compared to Europe or US. Thailand is very abundance in terms of natural ingredients. So, where to buy the organic coconut in Bangkok? There's a video of me introducing my favorite shop below! *มีภาษาไทยด้านล่าง* 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Advanced Technology Anti-Aging Serum for Sensitive Skin

📍Bangkok, Thailand

Why do you need an anti-aging serum? Well, if you are in the late 20s like me, I'm sure you do need one! I have been taking care of my skin since 11 years old. And I've been told a lot that I have a 'baby face' Thanks to my mom, who forced me to moisturize my face, though I hated to do so. From pre-teen to late 20s, I've experienced the skincare stage by stage. By far, the anti-aging has become a part of my regime. A year of Biotherm plankton essence, but now I want to try something else. Happer Reboot Baby Face Serum's what I've been using so far. What do I love about it? 1.) Good for sensitive skin 2.) Moist but quick absorb 3.) Premium Hyaluronic (Signal-10 & Cube3) *มีภาษาไทยด้านล่างค่ะ*

Monday, October 1, 2018

B Duck Cafe, Cafe in Bangkok to Visit

📍Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for a cute cafe to visit in Bangkok? 'B Duck Cafe' can be the right place for those who need yummy brownie and iced chocolate. Not only those, but also other delicious cakes and ice-cream flavors you can try. Honestly, I really love cafe hopping (read more here) Some places are just good for the Insta-worthy lifestyle photo shot 'do it for the gram!', and dessert is literally overrated and not delicious. However, B Duck Cafe's got good qualifications; colorful cute decor, good taste, reasonable price. I've been to this cafe many times. That's why I would to share my real experience with you *มีภาษาไทยด้านล่างค่ะ*

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Peppina Bangkok, Place for Pizza Lover in Bangkok

📍Bangkok, Thailand

For those love who eating pizza, I have a place to recommend when you visit Bangkok, Thailand. Peppina Bangkok has been so far one of my faves! The story was I didn't expect to do this review because it was my lunch break. No big camera, no expectation, no anything. I was just hungry, OK! However, my co-worker was asking if I loved eating pizza, because she wanted me to tag along to this place. Honestly, everything was delicious (including beer) So, if you are a pizza lover, you shouldn't miss Peppina Bangkok. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

Don't Beg for Love, Let Them Walk Away.

📍Bangkok, Thailand

This might a very difficult topic to write, because the heart-broken situation's just recently happened to me. I had never expected to be in a position of being dumped, but it happened. For whatever reason, the another party has decided to walk away from my life. No reason, no prediction, just happened. I've been struggling over my emotions for these months. Though, it's not completely healed yet, I'm trying to suppress it, forget it, and changing my focus. However, fighting with the turmoil inside is not easy (right?) So, I've decided to just "LET HIM WALK AWAY" I can't let it go 100%, but I have to.