Thursday, July 24, 2014

You&Yourself X Little By Little

Have you ever compared yourself to others? Have you ever looked or stalked on people' Instagram and scrolled down to see their photos with roughly questions like "Oh dear she looks so beautiful" "Wow look at his outfit!" "Why she has so many followers!?" "How to get an attention from brands like he/she does?" I assume that these random questions are quite normal to us in this modernized society. AND IT IS OK to have such topics in your head because we are living in the era of social media strategies. 

But what's the point to compare yourself to others instead of focusing on what you do? I was in the state of assessing myself to others and almost fed up with the idea of "Am I good enough?" And that's so wrong even just to think about it. 

I have an opportunity to be invited to many fashion events and exclusive parties and I can tell that there are really a broad range of people in this planet. From super package from head to toe to a very normal one. I take those chances as a prime time to learn about human-being. What really matter is "You" because you are the only who create yourself. If you waste your time thinking about your outfit or looking at your reflection at the mirror over and over, it will not drive you anywhere. Like it said "Instead of wasting your time worrying about what others are going to judge you, why don't you spend the time in considering how to improve yourself and make it better

Hence, no matter where I go, street fashion always comes first. I don't really concern much about expensive items or well-known brands. For example, what I'm wearing today is the outfit provided by the money in my purse lol I bought most of the pieces from vintage shops located at Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand except a holographic bag sent from Little By Little. You can also see my lovely jacket sent from LBL at this post too. 

Top-vintage shop at Siam Square
Pants-Vintage shop at Siam Square
Holographic bag-Little By Little

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blogging Motivation x Retrogue/Pauls's Boutique

In this summer, tropical palm trees, pineapples, such these summery prints seem to be really on trend among us due to the popularity of Instagram pictures I have come across these days. From online shopping websites to famous retail stores in several malls, they mostly provide the tropical vibe selections to fulfill their favourite shoppers in the season like this. To be honest, I had obsessed with those delightful prints for a while until I realized that at the end of the day, my Instagram photo's just going to look like theirs. Actually, the purpose of The Equinox Fashion is not only for (re)introduce or collaborate with street fashion brands/designers or online shopping destinations but small and local boutiques are what this blog specially aims to present as well because their clothes are even matching with my street style signature. Like I mentioned in this post that I'm not intending to be here in order to show how many brands I have worked with or famous people I have hung out with, but only my passion to street fashion. 

I love wandering around town, taking photos and appreciating the "now" moment. Therefore, my character is quite easy-going. However, I can be a really picky yet independent working woman. Truth is, I had explored in the fashion industry for a while til I knew what my blog's finally going to turn out. I'm only 5'2'' (are you surprised!?) with little physical attractiveness and don't have such confident to pull off a pink lipstick like everybody else. That is why I choose to bring out my inner self and fuse with The Equinox Fashion in order to be my "signature" instead. 

Talking about the brands' collaborations, I honestly grateful to have an opportunity to work with them. Believe it or not, I have attached their name cards or even tiny postcards written by designers/boutique owners in my personal working scrapbook (Yes, I use scrapbook as a schedule and marketing planning lol) And from my experience, I would rather suggest you guys that "please choose to work with brands only if they are good to go with your style" Because personally I feel more confident with the outfit styling, as well as, the quality of the content. I know that there are wide variety of online sources to contact or work with brands, however, there's no need to rush. Acceptance and rejection are normal since there's gonna be brands who appreciate and love your style while some might say no because you don't have a certain amount of followers they have expected. Don't discourage yourself by comparing your followers to others' and don't give up! I have a strong belief "If you keep doing it no matter how long it takes, there's gotta be the way to make it happen" Have you ever heard of Laws of Attraction? or the quote said "When one door closes, another seems to open"? This is pretty much work for me. 

Just ignore those negative believers, and focus on your heart. A girl who resigned from secure full-time job and started everything from the beginning like me can do it, so why can't you? 

**Thank you for this outfit provided in the collaboration of pom pom playsuit sent from Retrogue and Jessy Bag from Paul's Boutique.

Pom pom playsuit- Retrogue
Jessy Bag- Paul's Boutique
Hat- H&M
Creepers- Demonia

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Sweetness x Taberou Clothing

It is very rare to see me wearing such sweet skirt and pink crop top like this, however, I just want to give it a shot and bring the other side which called "Feminine" out of me.

It looks so odd but yes I am wearing skirt! And obviously it's not my usual signature black one (aren't you surprised!?) In the previous post, I mentioned that I felt uncomfortable when wearing something too womanly because somehow it triggers my insecure inside. Anyway, I just feel like giving it a try so that I can see myself in such "girly" look. Truthfully, I do admire bloggers and people whose outfits represent their soft and charming characters because personally I can't pull off a maxi skirt or crocheted tank-top without any single black piece in the same look. 

This summer sweetness look's provided by Taberou Clothing, the brand which I have collaborated with several times. I always mix&match their uber cool high-quality leggings with over-sized tank/tee and favourite masculine boots. Surprisingly, something needs to be changed and that's the reason why I eventually pair the printed skirt with pinkish crop top that I designed for myself. Moreover, it's a proper time to put my wedges on since the last time I wore high-heel almost two years ago. It's good to put them back but I don't know how some women can wear those heels all day without experiencing a pain in their feet. I guess, I need to find a way to getting used to it (one day). 

Apart from a day dreamy look with holographic skirt I paired with Catseye London midyear 2014 collection a few weeks ago, I pretty adore this look though it looks a bit different for me as I looked at the reflection of myself in the mirror this morning. The giant cupcake crop top gives me a cheerful and lively feeling of the sunny weather yet the skirt is a great catalyst for my inner sweetness (which gladly I still have it lol) 

Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Style Behinds The Equinox Fashion x Margo

Some people ask "What my signature style is?" While some may wonder if my street style is like an alternative music? A combination of masculine with a pop of colours madness? I guess I will let this post answer all of those questions then. In collaboration with Margo, Brazil based brand which sent their 2014 collection products to my door, The Equinox Fashion's outfit styling can't be any easier since this is "my signature style

There are several posts that you guys maybe able to recognize me as Thai street style blogger with monochrome look or sometimes with neon or vibrant palettes mixed, however, it is actually more than that. I pretty much feel comfortable with almost anything as long as it consists of pitch black items, but story behinds those outfits always expresses my mood/inspiration in each day. I am very down to earth and friendly person, yet I do have my own space which defines my boundary. It is not who I am but how the past has created me to be in this way because I have been through so many best and worst situations that I have to keep my guard up all the time. I trusted people easily and always ended up being used for their own benefits, and that's why I have become one of the most paradoxical people in this planet owing to my friendliness and independent attitude. I can say that I might be the person who smile instantly but also the one with don't give a *** mode because I'm here to live my life not to please anyone for satisfaction. I'm not here for fame or famous people to hang out with, I just want to do what I have to do and that's all. It may sound harsh but believe me I can be a trustworthy one even though I don't really talk or act that reachable. 

And why I always wear with black, studded jacket or anything similar? Because this is what I feel at ease with. I feel like myself without giving it a shot. I don't really wear in such sweet dress or any girly outfits since they make me feel insecure. I feel like being in pretty outfits sometimes puts me in my own weakness point. The word "pretty" has nothing to do with me but trembling and nervous feelings inside. Well, I don't know why I feel like that..Maybe it is because of my fear created in the past. I was being too kind for people I assume. Therefore, I have chosen to dress up like this which I can call it "my style" And I feel absolutely more confident in this way. "Rock Style" is how it describes me.

Top- Margo
Jacket- H&M
Denims- Vintage Shop

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY Phone Case x God It Feels So Good

This post is all going to be about "D.I.Y" or do it yourself items including my ombre hair, choker and Samsung's phone case which belongs to the collaboration of The Equinox Fashion x God It Feels So Good, handmade phone cases by Christina

The phone cases made by Christina or the girl behind God It Feels So Good are very lovely! There are wide variety of selections to opt for, especially if you fancy about Japanese vibe kinda things then such kawaii products from GIFSG can be one of the shops which literally just going to melt your heart. Ooooh sounds so girly, yet street fashion blogger like me also fond of. I couldn't add any more heart melted colours in my outfit due to the phone case's already fulfilled me. Therefore, I decided to break the sweetness out of me by pairing this vibrant oversized top (that actually a menswear) with leopard bag purchased from H&M and creepers from T.U.K footwear

Choker- I don't think I would be able to wear this 90s vibe choker for a long time, so I don't really intend to buy one but made it myself. I cut some bits from one of my headbands and adapt it on my neck. Flexible isn't it? lol 

Top-Vintage shop at Siam Square
Choker- D.I.Y.
Bag- H&M
Phone Case- God It Feel So Good

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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