Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Introduce my Online Boutique, Hidden Treasure

Manchester/Bangkok based brand Hidden Treasure is my second investment, known as my online boutique providing a wide variety of quirky and unique earrings. With an experience in the fashion blogging industry, I would love to take my business to another level. I can guarantee that the products offered in the store are very distinguished, and you may not be able to find something like those in Europe. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Behind The Scene with Rock on Ruby

There were several times I did a photo shoot for Rock on Ruby, a Manchester based brand which I have been cultivating the relationship with the founder, known as my blogger partner since I was in Bangkok, Thailand a year ago. We have had many good collaborations together, no matter it has been just only me wearing the slogan tee, or being a photographer for other bloggers. However, this was another photography session I did for the brand. Some of you may not know that I am a freelance photographer, but you can also check out my 'On street work' featuring in The Equinox Fashion too!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Manchester Outfit

Roaming around the city with my best boots on is my favourite activity in Manchester, United Kingdom. I am not really fascinated about shopping or any other similar activities that much, compared to a day off with the comfiest outfit on. My Manchester outfit usually consists of a few palettes including the all time favourite, black. The weather is miserable enough, so I would rather wear something cheerful and contrasting to the gloomy weather. The truth is I used to wear black all the time because it was my signature, however, I have recently discovered the joy of the colourful tone recently.

Jewellery Top Picks of the Month

I was recently browsing the latest Thomas Sabo collection from a jewellery store not so far from where I'm based in Manchester, Silver Tree Jewellery. The Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer collection is beautiful and as I can't pick my favourite item I have brought you a wish list featuring my top picks. Some of you may be able to purchase the products effortlessly, but for me the one I would pay for has to be only in 'black or green'. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Birthday Girl

Another year passes by, I am getting older, wiser and feel happier about it. Many people might not want to grow older because they fear of their looks, health etc, however, the more I am getting old, the younger I feel. Some people say I still look the same since I was 18, though now I am 26. Thanks to this baby face trait I have got from my mother. I am thrilled about the years to come because it means I am going to push this blog, The Equinox Fashion with my best effort and make it success.