Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Wearing Comfortable Gym Clothes is Good for Body

Wearing comfortable gym clothes is good for the body. Why? The stretchy material helps our blood circulation flow effectively. Some may think that any clothes would do, however, I have had the bad experience of purchasing low-price with poor quality gym gear. Cheap sport shoes? Cheap yoga leggings? A pair of too small trainers? You name it, I have tried them all. Though, I had realized that the size was a bit small, still convinced myself to purchase because I loved the model (with the hope that the shoes would enlarge after a few uses lol). Those unsatisfying moments got me decided that it is better to invest money on the right products, not considering brands, only quality. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Image Copyright (How To Protect Yourself)

Have you ever heard from your friends or people you know that their photos were used by other strangers' Instagram/website? Even personally had that issue before? To be honest, I have experienced about that case, and I was really frustrated the fact that my photo was used without giving a credit back to The Equinox Fashion's Instagram account. Either our photos have been used by others, or thinking about finding the inspo from influencer' s social platforms or Pinterest, beware about the 'image copyright

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Journey of a Thai Fashion Blogger

Back in my hometown, Bangkok, Thailand, the land of smile. Nothing is better than chilling at your own house surrounded by people you love, isn't it? Several times, when people ask me how the fashion blogging scene in Bangkok is like? And why I have decided to take the journey, aiming to international audiences? The truth is, the blogging industry here is very small, unless you've got whitening skin, big eye contact lens, V-shaped face, that's probably how others would adore you. Forget about the weird hair color such as Lilac, grey, green like in the UK, they are going to think that you are weird. Street style is not the big scene, mostly celebrities endorsement and luxury brands. Well, typical Asian style...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dream or Stable Career?

First of all, I need your help/advice/opinion about the decision I am going to make next week. I know it is not that easy to choose either dream or stable career, which both are very important in our lives. Sometimes, we wish we could do both..or had someone make a decision for us, however, the only person who can make the best out of it is ourselves. We only live once, so why not pursuing the dream to the fullest? Yet, having a stable career path has always been the goal for everyone. Here is my case, and I need your opinion to help me think thoroughly about what I am going to do. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

What is Master's Degree in Fashion Management ?

For those who are deciding whether to take a Master's Degree in fashion management or not, you may find my experience useful to make a decision clearly. Some might know that I have recently graduated with such fashion degree from Manchester, UK (not going to state the university since this post is consisted of both positive & negative notes.) However, I have never explained in detail of what did I study, only thoughts even before I accomplished the degree. If you are thinking about pursuing the career in this field, have a read carefully.