Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Khaosok Boutique Camps, The Whole New Camping in Thailand Experience with Million Dollars View in Suratthani

  📍Khaosok Boutique Camp, Suratthani Thailand

My very first (ever!!) camping experience in Thailand began last month at Khaosok Boutique Camp located in Suratthani, Thailand. I went camping when I was young, but this time was a boutique camp, which was quite fancy actually. It took me an hour by plane from Bangkok to Suratthani, and another hour by a car to drive up the mountain. However, it was worth it. Look at the view (click for more video), how stunning it was to just stand there and look over all of the mountains with a nice weather. I would say the room was good (even better than I had expected) I mean it was clean enough despite of the water. Everything was equipped just like the ordinary hotel room excepted this million-dollar view. Plus, the staffs were very friendly and ready to guide you through this journey. If you want to sneak what it's like in the room, head over to The Equinox Fashion Instagram "Khaosok Boutique Room Tour!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Matapita x The hen huahin, cafe in Huahin To Visit (คาเฟ่หัวหินที่ต้องไป)

   📍Huahin, Thailand

I'm not gonna lie, but visiting cafe has been a norm for travelers this generation. Every corner of the street, there's gotta be at least one cafe or a coffee shop to stop by. However, there are lots of low-rating cafes with "only good for the gram" honestly... And I hate that because it doesn't worth the price. Tasteless coffee, sugar overloaded cake, overrated price, NAH not a fan. Anyway, I had found this place "Matapita x The hen huahin" on Google (with the rating of 4.6) and I tempted to go, since I could see lots of many good reviews with photos. So, I went there and was literally surprised because not only they served good desserts & refreshing drinks, but also worth the price. Such an Instagrammable cafe in Huahin I would recommend. 

Friday, October 1, 2021

How To Be Happy? Let Go of What You Can't Control.

  📍Bangkok, Thailand

Maaaaann I've finally found a happy place of myself. Honestly, I was struggling with my mental health for a while. Work, people, task and everything I had to keep up. But now I've found a way to live life happily...I mean happier than before. No need for a prescribe nor psychiatrist. Thanks to all the YouTube videos I've watched, which've given me so much strength and 'relief' at some points. So, how to be a happy person no matter what stage you're in life? Just don't take things personally, a.k.a. don't take life too seriously.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

How To Practically Stop Caring What People Think/Say About You.

 📍Bangkok, Thailand

Many people do not realize how their words playing a major impact on the other mentally. I believe it's one of the reasons why people feel as if they are struggling because they constantly assess words. At least....if only we all could stop caring what other people think of us...The only choice we all have is to 'let go' and just let them talk. Though it's hard not to take it personally, just walk away. Stop caring what people think or say is not easy, but for the mental sake I think it's a good advice since we all deserve to be 'happy'. Choose what you wanna take in, and completely ignore the rest. In this world, we can't just select to meet a certain people (of your preference), but we always have a choice to either stay in the same loop of negative words which stuck in the head or simply just say fuck it and live your life by your own rule. Whoever or whatever makes you feel upset/sad/agitated then don't bring it to your territory. It's your life, your choice. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Anxiety from Working Too Much and How to Fix it


Have you ever felt like rushing all the time? You simply just can't stop thinking about work. You keep planning on things which haven't happened. You try to figure out the answers that cannot even be found. Those feelings of anxiety has started to creep out my mind & soul because of overloaded work. To the point that I had to see a therapist with a prescribed medicine. Working hard always pays off, that's right. However, it also comes with a price you don't want too. The side-effect of a workaholic is real.