Monday, May 2, 2016

How To Choose the Right Shoes

Some may notice that I rarely put the high-heel on, though it is the BFF for women. With  
the 4 years of The Equinox Fashion, there are only a few posts, which I spiced up the street style outfits with the heels. Why? Because my feet were damaged by an inappropriate pair of shoes, that created not only blisters, but pain that I couldn't bare. What can I say? It is a blogger's life (lol) I spend almost half and hour to do the photo shoot for my blog. Sometimes, I have to walk quite a lot until I can find the right spot with less people. I guess some of you might feel the same when we cannot find the peace of mind, when we have to scout the location, while the shoes are being a bitch. I have both good and bad relationships with the online retailers, in terms of the shoe's quality. Based on my experience, here is how to select the right (fit) shoes for your happiness soul. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Stop Judging Yourself

According to the previous post 'How to not feel overwhelmed by social media', the next step of uplifting the spirit is how to stop judging 'yourself' How many times have we asked ourselves, and compared to others. To be honest, I have questioned myself several times. As mentioned, sometimes I feel really overwhelmed by the industry and it makes me doubt whether I  am gonna be able to accomplish the goal I have set. I believe that we all have the reasons to blog. We want to become a successful blogger, in order to get opportunities to work with brands, earn money, and live the life freely. Trust me, stop saying bad things about yourself, because if others can make it, so are you.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Not To Feel Overwhelmed by Social Media

Again and again, that I am feeling overwhelmed by the social media. Have you ever felt like this before? The moment when you feel what is the point of staying presence on Instagram, selecting the best photo to upload, checking the numbers of followers, and feeling down when those figures are not going up, even someone has decided to disconnect with you for some reasons. No offence, and nothing personal, I think it is just one of those days when I (or we) are feeling crushed by the power of the online game. It would be a lie to say that I feel happy all the time when I use Instagram, but sometimes I don't feel that way. Occasionally, I have to force myself to post something online, no matter how shitty I feel. I LOVE social media, and I appreciate everything that has happened to my life. However, I need to step back a little bit in order to give a space for myself to breath. For those who feel the same way, here are the tips I have found effective for me. At least, they have uplifted my spirit, and I can take the weight out of the shoulders.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How To Brand Yourself as a Blogger Part I

Branding is not just for the brands. Some people have an idea towards the word 'branding' as only for the fashion labels, or products. In fact, we can even branding ourselves. As a blogger, it has become one of the marketing strategies nowadays. Brands are not only investing money on the commercials, or online communication platforms, but using bloggers for the product placement is also the effective solution. Can we brand our blogs? The answer is 'YES'