Monday, June 27, 2016

Why Food Is Such A Great Content On Social Media

Why food or foodie post? Because it is one of the greatest contents I have found effective on The Equinox Fashion Blog. In fact, I am doing a food review too, so having the related content on my social media would be an ideal. When the food in Bangkok, Thailand is so variety, I find it difficult not to share what I have consumed while living here. It is not like bragging, but more to the 'art of eating' Personally, I love checking out those images on Instagram because they always make feel happy (for some reasons), while I am tempted to find something similar to eat. Besides, it's pretty challenging to create the photos to look great on the profile (obviously, if we are having a theme). It is just fun to make people think that the food photos on my Instagram are posh and expensive, though, some dishes are even from the street market. Like I said, visual can be very impressive, which depends on how we create it. Do you also love using the hashtag of #foodporn? Here is why I think such content is a big deal on the social media. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Look Taller in Jeans

Jeans and I used to be a frenemy (friend+enemy) as I would never pick them for my daily #OOTD. Why? They just make me look short...Well I am only 5'2" (surprise!) and I prefer to go with shorts or over-sized shirts just to make me not looking like a midget. Besides, it is too hot in Bangkok, Thailand anyway. However, I have recently addicted to jeans (I know it's a bit late lol) and actually I have transformed most of them to be the fringe hem jeans. It has become a trendy thing that lots of fashion bloggers and fashionistas are hyping at the moment, but we can literally DIY our old jeans without spending extra for the new ones. Besides, I also love the fact that cutting off the end of my to-go jeans can make me look taller too! Thanks for the Instagram who have introduced me to such trend, now I am in love with my jeans even more. How to look taller in a pair of your favorite jeans? Here's how I styled the other day. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Great Kabab Factory Bangkok

Located in the business district of Bangkok, Thailand, The Great Kabab Factory is one of the authentic Indian restaurants I would recommend. I don't know about you, but I love eating spicy food (maybe not too spicy lol)! Though Indian food can be a bit oily, once in a while, we gotta treat our palettes with what we are craving for, right? 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Blessing from Homeless Man

Apart from being a blogger of The Equinox Fashion Blog, I think I rarely mention that I love taking a photo. I don't like it, but I LOVE it. Taking photos of something else besides fashion makes me feel better in general and even myself. It shows me another perspective of life. I am not a professional photographer, but I still want to keep these photos just to remind me what I come across. The most important is how they make me feel. Photos, sometimes can describe better than words. And that is my happiness.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Should I become a Full Time Blogger?

There are a lot of well-known bloggers out there who make a million dollar a year, or even $$$ per one Instagram post. So, should I become one? We can, we all can become the professional blogger, but it is not easy. The fashion scene from the Instagram seems so wonderful and glamorous, but the reality is not a piece of cake like what we have seen online. It takes 1000% of dedication, consistency, followers, and potential. I am not gonna go through how to make money from being a fashion blogger in this post. Instead, based on my experience, there are a few necessary things to consider before quitting a job in order to become the full-time blogger.