Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Event: Luxola x Pomelo Private Party

August 6th, 2014 The Equinox Fashion was invited to the event "Luxola x Pomelo" Private party event hosted in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. I had such an amazing time not only the location which was decorated in such an edgy vibe but also the professional team members who made this incredible event happened. When beauty meets street fashion, who wouldn't love that!?

A few months ago, I had had a great opportunity to visit Pomelo HQ in Bangkok before and I also had a chance to selected any of my favourite items and published the article in the previous post. However, the game changed in this time because Pomelo elevated its street fashion signature to be fused in an elegant hotel bar together with "Luxolaluxury cosmetics online shop. They embraced the vibrant of this Theater Bar to be filled with high-end products showcase and tasty snacks also soft drinks (Yum!) I loved the fact that the place's in a proper size, not too big and not too small to contain some certain amount of guests perfectly. Sometimes, being in too spacious event makes me feel deserted especially if I attend the event alone. Nevertheless, I had a really great time meeting and talking with other bloggers, as well as, some old friends who I had never seen like ages. 

Pomelo arranged its new collection exclusively for bloggers, and so did Luxola who provided us with a wide variety of well-known cosmetic brands such as Etude House, Lola and etc. Surprisingly, we all could take part in a social media game which the winners were be able to bring any clothes or cosmetics back home (FYI anything they liked!) Lucky them! 

Thank you so much to both Pomelo and Luxola for having me in the super event, you guys rock! And I am really looking forward to having a blast in the next event!

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pre AW 2014 Look x Yesfor

My "Pre Autumn/Winter 2014 Look" is still going to be a signature outfit consisting of black and white colours. I have been playing with those fun palettes for several times, and I really love the fact that those colours play such an important role in boosting my characteristic to be more cheerful and lively for this Summer. However, time goes by really fast and now we are reaching September (Can you believe this!?) Now it's time for my heart to eagerly call "monochrome" back. 

 Some people say "white is the new black" But for me "Black is the new black" because it is the right colour which is really versatile. I always mix and match my streeet style look with black pieces because I feel more confident with it. Besides, I love how contrast it can be when toying such colour with neon or super bright tones together. Obviously, my ombre hair is brightened by black outfit! 

Just like this look which I am wearing a faux rabbit hair coat provided from Yesfor.com. I was contacted by the marketing team in order to select some products to feature on The Equinox Fashion. There are wide variety of options that I wanted to style with, but eventually I went for this gorgeous coat and short dress instead. I love the fact that this item really goes well with my split skirt purchased from Missguided and Monday top I bought from random shop located in Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand. I actually love shopping at street fashion market though because I think a broad range of items offered are more interesting than some of those sold at well known high-street shops. Personally, I don't think it is necessary to show others how much you spend money on your clothes as long as the outfit represents your style. Some people try too hard to be in fashion industry by paying much money on clothes and end up going nowhere. In my opinion, I think this is not really a smart choice to be consumed by such temptation. 

Faux rabbit hair coat- Yesfor
Sleeveless top- Street market at Siam Square
Skirt- Missguided
Boots- gifted from online shop
Bag- H&M

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Japanese Inspired, Kimono Trousers x Alice's Pig

For me, the era of super tight skinny jeans has passed. I had been wearing those  unhealthy yet uber hipster trendy for a very long time when I was younger. Black skinny jeans, oversized tank-top and Vans, who wouldn't love that cool look!? But in nowadays, I tend to wear such jeans less than before because I feel a bit tight and uncomfortable when moving around. Especially, eating too much can be a pain in the *** when you have stuff everything in your stomach while such tight jeans is about to explode. So, I guess it is the right time to try something more comfy and mature-ish. 

I quite love to do some research about fashion in Japan because there are wide variety of styles that can make you speechless. From Harajuku craziness to high-end glamourous, it is very interesting to see a diversity in many communities. Personally, one of the most beautiful pieces that I would love to have in my wardrobe is definitely a "kimono" since I love the fine and elegant piece of art work which embraced the Japanese's attribute and  trait perfectly. 

However, possessing the kimono can be costly, therefore my another option is a "kimono trousers" sent from Alice's Pig. I actually published a post "Kimono Trousers x Alice's Pig" a long time ago but this time I would love to make a different in the outfit by layering up with Primark's jacket and a tiny clutch from Milin.
To play with this look, I really enjoy wearing wedges purchased from Jeffrey Campbell because it would be kind of weird to wear creepers or some sort of boots. It is a Summer time,the feminine but not so feminine look is absolutely what I heart for at the moment. 

Jacket- Primark
Crop top- DAPP
Kimono trousers- Alice's Pig
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch- Milin
Lipstick- Topshop

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

25th Birthday

As I said on Instagram "The more years to come, the more I feel alive&tougher" That's right some people feel like getting old when numbers increasing, but for me I feel literally younger and more sophisticated not just my inner self but style also. At the age of 25 like this, I am well-equipped like the warrior who are ready to fight and experience the pathway to achieve my goal. 

In the previous year, I came across several kinds of obstacles included tough decisions which I couldn't even make it in a day. Not only struggling days but also fake people I had to deal with since there were too many which I have already deleted those unpleasant memories out of my head. Like I always say "Cut the crap out of my life" It is easier that way because it is a waste of my time to complain or even think about. New age, new chapter, new lessons learn. 

All the time spending on thinking about how others thinking about me, I would rather think about what should I do to improve myself to be a better person. Also, family members who mean a lot to me. Some of you may know that I am a "family person" I can be wild and do many reckless or more to f*** up situations, however, family always comes first. I can say that I love my friends and boyfriend very much, still my mom, dad, brothers and super dog always come first. I know what I did in the past was wrong, so I just want to spend the rest of my life being a good daughter and make them proud even though I am not kind of person who say ILY mom or express feelings that much. I am just a tough one with sensitive mind indeed lol 

My upcoming goals are

-Improving on my street fashion blog
-Accomplishing master degree in fashion marketing management in Manchester
-Backpacking in Alaska
-Working out for health and abs!
-About marriage? Nah I have never thought about that nor I don't even feel like being attached. I need to pursue my career first until I can get ready for another chapter with someone else. 

Anyway, thank you so much for birthday wishes sent on IG and Facebook! You guys rock and I really appreciate it :) 

Top- Street Market at Siam Square
Skirt- Siam Square
Sunglasses- Le Specs
Shoes- Gifted by online store
Bag- Paul's Boutique

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Check In: Purr Cat Cafe

Warning: If you are a cat lover, this post may be able to make your heart literally melt. 

In Bangkok, Thailand, there are a broad range of activities and places to check out including historical sites, as well as retro bars&restaurants. However, if you prefer somewhere chillaxing where you can simply ease up your stress and tension from your daily routine, I will recommend "Purr Cat Cafe Club" the heart-melting place for cat lovers.

Personally, I am a dog person but I don't really mind spending my time in playing with any other animals. From buffalo, elephant, monkey to street cat, I have played with them all. Maybe I should write a post about my animal journey, shouldn't I? lol Purr Cat Cafe, a community for cats themselves and human like us located only 10 minutes walking from BTS (Bangkok Sky Train) at Thonglor Station. You can either exercise by walking or get a motorbike taxi for a fast track. 

Some of you probably wonder what a street fashion blogger like me doing in this place? Well, this is such a cool place to experiment with though it was actually my first time to be surrounded by loads of cats and wide variety of magazines&books to entertain myself. What I did when I was at the cafe was of course selfie with the cat (Who wouldn't!?) Unfortunately, those kitties moved around all the time so I hardly had a chance to have a high-quality one. Still, you can't use flash nor pick those cats up unless they approach you due to the cafe's regulations. Why? Because Purr Cat Cafe doesn't want any unexpected situations to occur since the cats do not familiar with us strangers. Mostly, I just sat at my tiny table and observed them instead of following around, however, there's one moody cat walked straight to me and just simply laid on my fringe bag. Thank you H&M, not only fashion bloggers love you, but so does the cat! 

These cats are very lucky indeed! I have an opportunity to occasionally visit and donate some of my money to those cats and dogs charities, and it makes me feel like I want to do something for these lives because they need to be well taken care of by their owners not being left or given away like that. Some of them are left while others injured from the accident. They are animals, and they can't speak. Therefore, I would love to do something to make a change. Even just a small amount of money can save their lives. 

 my bf said "Oh you look like this moody cat!" lol

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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