Sunday, October 14, 2012

ELLE Fashion Week 2012 Style To Go

ELLE Fashion Week 2012

"styling of the week"

   After the International Couture Fashion Week 2012 during the past few weeks, again I had an opportunity to attend one of the biggest fashion show events here in such an amazing city of angels "Bangkok, Thailand"

   The show that I took part in was "The Contemporarist" by OCAC that had brought various designers' designs and merged them to become as one. From my point of view, fashion industries here in Bangkok is really growing up compared to many years ago. Young people in my generation are absolutely moving forward to create something new and something more out of box which was really impressed me yesterday. 

The Style

Mostly, I always wear stylish black dress or somehow boost the look with black accessories since this is my favourite colour. However, I wanted to try something new, something more fun and challenging, thus my style of the day was to mix&match the contrast colours between black short jacket and vivid pink skirt in order to combine the look of cheer/joyful+rock together.
The total look for ELLE Fashion Week 2012

-Black Jacket with woof printed tank, pink skirt and fringe bag

Velvet Wedges and accesories

the greatest stylist I've ever met :)

Good friends of mine from Raffle Design School
Wating for the show inside ELLE

Even though, I didn't bring a camera to me, you can go on youtube and watch the live shows :)


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