Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sponsored Post: #Changedestiny by SKII Introduces 'Diary of Tootsie'

An inspiring story of a lady boy from Thailand who has become the successful social media influencer after the struggle of internal problem within his family, and the acceptance of the society. The success of the "Diary of Tootsie" whose social media has more than 566,000K followers leads to the best-seller book which has had a good feedback among a lot of Thai readers. Not only he has stepped out of his comfort zone, but he also has a big courage to tell the world who he really is. *This post is sponsored by SK-II, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

With the big achievement of the Facebook page called "Ban-Tuek-Khong-Tood' Sha, 28 year-old lady boy from Thailand has resigned from his full time job to pursue his dream as a writer. However, it is not easy to be here without the criticism of others including his father. 

When he was young, his father didn't like the idea of him becoming a lady, though he was born a 'man' He has to work harder than anyone else in order to prove himself to his family, especially his dad. As mentioned, his dream seemed to be really vague when he was rejected by a lot of publishers when he was trying to showcase his manuscript about the book he wrote. Anyway, he has become a big inspiration for a lot of people because he has constantly published messages to encourage his audiences, and followers to follow their dream and destiny. 

Nowadays, he is working on the special project with the TV station to produce a series of his best seller book. 

He is not only just the influencer, but he is the truly talented man who isn't afraid to come out from his comfort zone. 

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  1. Intersting book! It's inspiring to see people coming out of their comfort zone and create new things while chasing their dreams.


  2. I knew him for the first time!
    His courage give me power, and
    I had worked for SKII, it was good for me:)