Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Not to Get Blocked on Instagram

Have you ever got blocked by Instagram? No shame, I have (for a few times). Yep, it was one of the most annoying experiences, yet thrilling at the same time. For those who have never had this issue before, lucky you! However, I know how it feels because I can say that I am one of those fashion bloggers whose account was temporarily blocked due to the high speed of giving likes. And I am so happy that I am not the only one who went through such horrid 24 hours of not knowing whether my account would be permanently blocked or not. FYI, liking and commenting on other photos is one of the most popular suggestions of how to get followers, not just for bloggers, influencers, but c'mon everyone. We all have done that including myself. So, I have been trying several tactics just to verify what would actually against Instagram's rules. Here is how not to get blocked by Instagram


How many? I think the latest updated people are suggesting online is 350 likes we can do in an hour. However, don't trust everything you read online because once mine got blocked when it reached 200 likes. Obviously, I was very confused because I thought I did everything based on the Instagram rules as mentioned by the experts. Unfortunately, it still blocked me for 24 hours not letting me like any photos. Basically, if you get blocked by liking photos, you will still be able to comment instead. If you are not allowed to do one activity, there is another you can do. What about both? Seriously, who would get blocked by both unless you are so active on the app like 24/7. Then, I really don't know what to suggest here. From what I asked other users, aka bloggers, some of them were blocked for more than 24 hours, while some were less. Therefore, it really depends on how Instagram would judge on the activity. 


As stated earlier that mine was blocked, though the numbers were too far from the limit. I think this is the main issue of Instagram. Being temporarily blocked for many times can lead to the permanent one. I have tried a lot of ways to figure how the system works because I just couldn't stand the way my account was done. I was even once frustrated by this and sent a reasonable message to the help center "Dear Instagram, my account was blocked again, but I was doing everything just like the rules say. I have never bought likes, followers, comments, or anything like those and I never will. How come you chose to block my account when I am doing everything right. I have always kept updating with the rules. So, if are there any new regulations I have to bear in mind, please let me know.." I wrote this message when I was calm, and that actually what I really wanted to find out from them, since I believed that I didn't do anything wrong. For those who are thinking about dropping them an angry message or whatsoever, just don't. No one likes the hatred messages. 

When you like the photos, just do it sensibly. I am a visual person, so I like the photos based on the aesthetic. However. don't do like me... When you like each photo, just leave about 10-15 seconds in between. If you like them too fast, Instagram just gonna think that it is a bot activity (computer program). No matter if you like only 150 photos, but going too fast, chances are you may be able to get blocked.


  1. Gail! You look so pretty, your skin is literally glowing! I've never been blocked from Instagram before, however I had a warning message once for typing similar comments 3 times in a row (kind of ridiculous considering I genuinely DID find three photos on different accounts 'beautiful' haha).


  2. In will had like to know what response instagram gave you I have not been to active on my Ig I only post one or two pic a week. Great outfit.

  3. I totally understand your point of view here Gail! I hate it when this happens and I have learnt to not like photos as fast and look at them more with time that liking really fast, but I like someone's Instagram I literally like so many photos as I can't help but like their photography!

    Isobel x

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  4. Such a elegant bow blouse, Gail!
    If I experience such a thing on Instagram,
    I have to remember the important article!


  5. Oh I didn't know about this limitation but thanks for letting us know! And your outfit looks super cute!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  6. Looking very nice !


  7. Oh my gosh I did not know this. I hope you don't get blocked again that would be so awful. Love your outfit btw.

  8. You look gorgeous, the blouse is very pretty! I was blocked once and had no idea what was happening. ahaha Nice tips.


  9. Love this outfit! And great tips, too!


  10. This is such a great article, girlie (as ALWAYS!)! I shard on Google + that I was temporary blocked, so I literally laughed when I saw what your post was about with arms in the air like yes, she's come to my rescue, haha! It's happened to me a couple of times in the past few years and I believe it's because of the likes in the short amount of time, too. Today, however, was different, I think it was because of the comments. What I was doing was responding to commenters on my photo in a group response and since I had a lot of comments, I had to respond to a lot of people and it just blocked me :( Luckily, I'm now able to comment, but it gets scary because when you're a blogger or business that has a growing amount of followers, the thought of having your account revoked and starting all over again is a nightmare and usually the first thing we think may happen. This is why your post is so important and one I think every influencer should read because when you first get blocked, you literally have no idea why! As for your outfit, I adore the blouse, it's so unique and looks wonderful on you! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you're having the best week so far!



  11. Hahah this is actually helpful! Kind of funny that you get blocked from somewhat contributing to Instagram by keeping it alive through comments and likes. But yes, I understand that they want to keep the feeds and accounts reasonable, but still! So annoying though, have get blocked too and hate it haha! Xx


  12. Thank you a lot, sweetie :D

    Great tips an amazing look. You are so original :D Keep it up :D

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  13. Omg I never knew about this!! But thanks for the tips, I will keep these in mind now!! Btw you look so cool and fabulous in this outfit!! <3

  14. I've never been blocked from instagram! Good to know tho!! Hahahaxx

    Daniel x
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  15. I had no idea you could get blocked just by liking to many photos! I would've been nervously holding my breath throughout those dreaded 24 hours!!x


  16. Thanks for the tips!! Your blouse is lovely :)


  17. These are great tips! I haven't been blocked yet and I hopefully never will. I didn't know you could like things up to the hundreds. I was told before there is a 60-90 limit per hour. Who knows what it actually is. I just try to space out my engagement.


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  18. Love the blouse!


  19. These photos are stunning! The blouse looks amazing on you. x Alona


  20. Sounds scary! Didn't know one can get blocked just by having too many or too fast likes. I'm not active there anyway. Love everything here! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  21. I never get blocked in Instagram. Never knew it was even possible !
    Love your bow shirt ! It's so pretty !

  22. Wow, must be a scary experience. I do get the similar comments notice every once in a while. I love your top. Lovely pictures.


  23. I didn't know that IG sometimes block people from doing certain activities! Good thing I haven't experienced it yet. Anyways, you look great as usual! Are you in Bangkok now?


  24. Oh, dear Gail, so sorry this happened to you! Honestly I didn't know so far (I still don't have Instagram) that it can be happen to be blocked on Instagram ... thanks for sharing your experience!
    xx Rena

  25. Great tips to grow instagram without blocking.

  26. Luckily I've never been blocked before, but it would be good to know the exact regulations! I'll bare your tips in mind and hopefully I will never be blocked - seems like it would be really frustrating!

  27. 200 likes seem so many!! I am too lazy, guess I will never get blocked!
    I love, love, oh love this top!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  28. I loove your shirt and that bag! Such a great style! I never knew you can't get blocked for such reasons!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  29. Wow that's crazy! I didn't know you could get blocked for liking too fast. I have noticed the "network connection errors" when I like a bunch of photos though. Well thanks for the tip lady!


  30. Hey love, do you have any tips how to behave after the block? I am sooo scared they disable my account. I am a blogger too and that would be so embarrassing. All the hours spend on it -.- ... How long did it take you for your account to get back to normal again?