Thursday, August 22, 2019

Koi X Prapakas Fashion Gala

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

I had a chance to attend the fashion event "Koi X Prapakas Fashion Gala" on Friday, and it was absolutely incredible. Prapakas is one of the Thai designers whom I really admire, because his idea is somehow can be related to my kind of favourite art. This collection was to 'empower' woman, and yes I loved it without a doubt! Especially, the songs played during the fashion show was my all time fave The Prodigy. As well as, the show was creepy in a good way, which reminded me of American Horror Story, and every other thriller movie and TV series I have watched. I was literally stunned by the art, creativity and idea he put into his work. 

Photographer by @gosol_gusolpasertsri


  1. Oh wow, it is kinda creepy in a fun way! Cool!
    xx Jenelle |

  2. This looks amazing! What a lovely event!
    Jessica |