Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Victim of Fashion

As I was waiting for my friends outside the mall this evening, it was a great moment that I had a chance to look around the trend of young teenage girls these days. Well I'm not old not really because I've just turned to the age that I can drink legally but seriously those girls are ALL wearing the same stuff! I wonder if they buy from the same stores or does every fashion store sell the same things? For me as a beginning street wear designer, I try my best to bring out the style of people not just make them look the same. It's a bit boring when seeing those girls picking up the same clothes since I can't see any different and unique.

I don't know fashion is a good thing but sometimes it makes people lose their own identities if they don't know how to be themselves.

 like Kurt said " wanting to be someone else is a waste of person you are"