Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What's good everyone?


What's your plan for today? school? shopping?hanging out? Well, my plan for today is going to street market somewhere and buy a headband!

America printed headband
Headband is like one of my favourite hair accessories. Whenever i tuck my hair up or let it down, sometimes I feel like I want to wear this thing because it looks very chic. Besides, you can present yourself as a vintage/retro look with just one headband, depends on its printed.

Nowadays, you can buy those headbands almost in every fashion store or even at the general market. Well, actually I prefer the street market since it is much cheaper than the brand stores. Moreover, there are various styles of headbands to choose! To be honest I don't mind going to the second hand stores that sell vintage items at all :) Trust me good and rare items always be found there lol

If you don't know what headbands you would like to try, here are some headbands I have for now (But tomorrow will have more lol )

Concert look with
zebra printed headband I bought from street market. 
Party look
with leopard headband I bought from the store
Also, the looks from Amy Winehouse and some cool different styles of headbands people are wearing.

Cute retro look (credit by Ping ping)

Now go try some, go buy one!!!

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Have a great day and stay safe ;)


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