Monday, July 2, 2012

In Love with Leopard Clutch

Are you a "Leopard" lover?...

"I am" To be honest I am one of those girls who doesn't think about any second thoughts or even other options every time I notice "there's a leopard printed item on the shelve!" I'd never had a passion in this print before, however, just a single legging could simply change my mind. 

Many people give me such a wide variety questions "why I love the leopard printed so much?" Well in my opinion, I think it gives me some kind of attractive feelings, it looks so elegant and just naturally sexy without even try.

Some of you must possess such an amazing leopard printed like clothes, shoes or leggings already, that's why here I am to show you my fabulous toy "Leopard Clutch"

I bought the big clutch and M phosis purse from Singapore also the front one from Bangkok, Thailand (trust me these 2 countries are the SHOPPING PARADISE ;)) You can either use a big clutch or adapt it to be a shoulder bag since there's a shiny strap inside. For me, I always match the big one with long white tee, leather black leggings and t-strap heels. Or taking it to the party sometimes. 

Here are the things that I cannot live with out seriously but just to remind you that "Every time you consider to pair the everyday style with animal printed,DO NOT mix&match more than one item because it's already stand out and prominent. Believe me, if you mix everything together, you'll absolutely end up to be something different (you know what I mean)

Have a great day :)

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