Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Lifestyle, Jack Spade Style

If you are seeking for a special gift or big surprise for your boyfriend, here's one of my favourite brands to recommend :)

American based-brand "Jack Spade" just opened its first flagship, or known as the first and the biggest flagship in South East Asia, here at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand. And this means no worry about birthday&Christmas presents or anniversary gifts anymore because Jack Spade has already provided everything inside this 80 sq.m.! 

Jack Spade Opening at Central World

Me and Dan

The reasons why I love Jack Spade?

Because this menswear is "really multi-function and practical" I would rather invest my money on something worth and pragmatic in reality not only just a beauty advertisement. The simplicity of the clothes and a broad range of  items are really easy to mix&match yet remains the style of urban. No matter if you are going to work or evening party, this brand is the answer of everything. For instance, laptop and gadget bags, luggage, jackets, oxford shirts even daily personal commodities, especially the classic Mill Leather and Waxwear. 

Jack Spade Thailand

Jack Spade Thailand

Jack Spade Thailand

Jack Spade Thailand

The other reason is I just love how the store's decorated. If you have a chance to visit Jack Spade in Big apple, London or Japan, you will see that every branch's decorated in the "Mid-Century" style, it's the combinations of clothing store, barber and library. Plus, It doesn't look too high-end to step in, in contrast, it looks absolutely comfy and warmth like an accustomed feelings when we are at home. The furniture which has been used is quite similar to what we recognize in our rooms such as wooden tables, closets and etc. Besides, I like the idea of how the photos that have been hung on the walls or attached in the shelves because that's what I do at home (to get inspire) :) Thus, no wonder why I can spend my time in opting and looking through those pictures for half and hour.

Jack Spade Thailand
Jack Spade Thailand

Jack Spade Thailand

Jack Spade Thailand
And here are some of Jack Spade stores in Boston, London and New York

Jack Spade Boston 

Jack Spade London

Jack Spade New York

More about Jack Spade look book 

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Trust me Jack Spade is more than just a brand, it's a unique and trendy "must have" in every guy's wardrobe

Have a good day :)