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Once in a life time being a part of Siam Paragon International Couture Fashion Week 2012.

Some people might say that working in a fashion industry, being a blogger or fashionista is a glamorous thing, especially in such a big event like "International Couture Fashion Week" would be superb! But seriously, there are more than just participating the event, sitting in the front row, watching the trend and clapping hands for models...Let say it is all about "Hard-working&Creativity

I had an opportunity to spend a time in working as a liason for Frederick Lee's team, a designer team from Singapore during Siam Paragon International Fashion Week 2012, the first couture week in Asia and of course in Bangkok itself. The fashion week hosted on September 25 to October 1, 2012 at Siam Paragon. This event had the world renowned designers from all over Asia also Christophe Josse from Paris.

Designer lists

Chirstophe Josse
Frederick Lee
Yumi Katsura
Lie Sang Bong

It can be seen that Bangkok, Thailand has become one of the leading fashion city among South East Asia countries, but high-fashion like this is like an eye-opened to me. I had never been to Paris or Milan just to watch the couture week before, but now I even had a chance to join and collaborate with designer's team directly. Thus, instead of telling about the runway or collection trend, here I am going to share my true experience also tell you what I have learnt and how the backstage in reality is like. Trust me, I have been to some fashion shows but nothing can be compared to this event!

Frederick Lee's Rehearsal

Fashion Show by  Thai Designer "NAGARA"

Truth is, I was a bit nervous at first but you know how lucky I was to work with Frederick and his team, they are so generous and professional. I had never known about Singapore's fashion before, but Fred's designs are beyond words. I was absolutely speechless when I saw his work, I mean Couture fashion is named for hand-made and refined designs right, but now I could see them all with my own two eyes. Like how could he design something like that!? Every single piece is more than magnificent! To be honest, I walked around the room, touched every dress even the feathers that I wouldn't be able to touch in my real life such as a peacock.... 

My duty was to help the team in translating, working on the tasks in order to accomplish and run the fashion week smoothly, as well as cooperating with Kudo organizer and models. 

*photo 4, 5 6, are all copyrights to Frederic team
 However, apart from fashion experience I have learnt, "friendship" is another thing that really happened. I had a chance to get to know lots of talented people during this amazing week. Not merely just smiled and said hi, I and another liason teamed up with them. Sounds easy as it may seem but it's really hard-working. We came across wide variety problems, particularly "model" For instance, models' queues were jammed, some popular models were taken by other designer teams, some models' body shapes were not matched with the designs and etc. We were running around all day long lol. There were happiness, joyful and tension mixed up in the room. 

Obviously, such a grand fashion week you watch on television or Youtube is not really easy since the fact that it takes time and lots of effort to make the final outcome look tremendously splendid with no errors (or at least). Some of my other friends did cry, some of them even stayed up til 3 or 4 am in the morning. However, Fred and his team members never kept me and my friend til 7 pm because they didn't want a girl like us to go home late (except the day we were willing to attend the fashion show nights :D ) Plus, we had a chance to have dinner, exclusively lunch and massage on weekend!  Heavenly on earth :)  

1. With Kovit (well-known stylist from Singapore)
2. With Joel
3. With Joe
4. With Daniel Boey

1. I and Frederick Lee
2. Joel (Fred's team), me, P'Mai and Joe (Fred's team)
3. With Daniel Boey
4. With Jessica Iris from Asia's Next Top Model

From the first day til the show ended, this's one of the best unforgettable memories for me. It teaches me how the real fashion show/ fashion industry is like. Absolutely, this's a massive encourage to drive me to the fashion career I want to succeed, yet there are several things to learn :)

To the future.


And here's the fashion show of Frederick Lee at Couture Fashion Week 2012

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