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COACH Holiday Collection 2012 Review

Coach Siam Paragon

It’s been more than 70 years that COACH has been one of the leading brands, started from a pair of simply baseball gloves to luxurious bags and fashionable products in nowadays. This American leather goods company was established in 1941 in New York City as a partnership of Gail Manufacturing Company. It took a lot of effort to build a road of success until 1973 COACH Duffle Sac became an instant selection among women in town.  Then 8 years later, the first flagship store was opened on Madison Avenue in New York, followed by a big launch of wide variety collections including Outerwear collection, Signature collection, Poppy collection also watches and fragrances.  

And now from NYC to Bangkok, COACH has launched the latest “COACH Holiday 2012 Collection” at most of Bangkok’s influential shopping complexes such as CentralWorld, Central Chidlom, Central Plaza Ladprao, Siam Paragon and Emporium.

This new collection’s inspired by Coach’s heritage, “Legacy collection” but in 2012, the brand has brought the prestige of Legacy to modern. Consequently, every single piece is made with vivid colors and festive holiday looks. The favorable silhouettes of Legacy collection have been offered in diverse vibrant styles but still remained the key of Legacy, Legacy Duffle and Penny Shoulder Purse. However, the new iconic Duffle sac’s designed with bold new palettes and a pair of playful tassels which you can mix and match with other Duffle colors “Inspired by Coach archives, the Legacy collection continues into Holiday 2012 with an assortment of classic silhouettes offered in a range of styles and new color ways. Legacy leathers range from our rich, durable glove-tanned core leathers to exceptionally luxurious Italian baby haircalf.” said Coach 

Duffle Sac

Moreover, there are two special collaborations in the collection, Firstly Coach teamed up with Hugo Guinness, London-born and now Brooklyn based artist, to create a second limited edition of illustrated men’s bags and accessories. Instead of ordinary leather goods like wallets or business bags, Hugo’s embossed his craft and artwork on men’s products in order to “make a twist on classic Coach Silhouettes” For example, a laptop case with its outline of the laptop keyboard, or IPad case with headphone illustration.

Secondly, Coach is celebrating this festive season with some of the most influencers on the internet such as Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan or known as “Karmin” famous pop duet with their hit singles on Youtube “Crash your party” and “Brokenhearted” Also, featuring with Rachel Zoe from Bravo reality show. She’s renowned as the world’s famous fashion stylist who has more than 1 million followers in Twitter (she’s the one who stylized for Karmin’s video as well) Other Coach digital guest stars include Nina Garcia, Marie Clair creative director and Michelle Phan, the beauty guru.

“Karmin”, Photo by Coach

Rachel Zoe styled for Karmin’s cover “Sleigh Ride”
Here is Karmin’s cover of “Sleigh Ride”, recorded exclusively for Coach and behind the scene.

Now let’s have a look what Coach at Siam Paragon is waiting for us!

My first impression towards Coach seems to be the new renovation under the same concept of the store on Bleecker Street, New York City. When you first step into the store you will see a big table called “Bleecker table” which’s assembled all the highlight and new collection. This strategy is really worked out because as soon as the customers walk in, they can recognize most of the luxury and brand new products like what’s hot in this season. For instance, Duffle sacs, purses, accessories also leather jackets and winter coats. And one more thing that makes me feel like home within this modern decoration is a “Ticking wall” Coach Paragon is the first store in Thailand that uses it as a display of colorful bags that are gorgeously hung on the wall. The customers are able to take them out and try in front of the mirror. Isn’t it good to feel warmth and cozy like you are at home? :)

Another thing that catches my attention is the zone where the Poppy collection’s well-arranged on the shelves. It reminds me of the time when I was younger like I absolutely wanted to buy Coach bag but the price was still too high also there were merely huge bags which weren’t really matching, so I didn’t even have a chance to buy no matter how often I walked pass the store.

But now this collection can make it happen because the price is more affordable, plus the products are smaller and more colorful. It’s truly suitable for youngsters and teenagers!  

Due to the grand renewal, the store’s allocation within 1,800 ft is even more facilitating since Coach Men and Coach Women are perfectly diverged as it is called “Dual gender store” Generally, Coach is really well-known about women purses and handbags, though the brand has been focusing about the men products as well. At Coach Paragon, the men zone’s decorated in a style of working room with a little bit darker-toned in order to represent their signature and masculinity. This is one of the greatest places to buy a special gift for your boyfriends or family members because there are lots of selections provided; takeable gadget bags like IPod cases and accessories, business and document bags, gloves, hats also lifestyle slim bag which is really popular in Japan at the moment.

Thus, if you are looking for a gift for friends or even yourself, why not letting Coach handle it? Sometimes it’s really worth to spend your money on high-quality and elegant product like I always say “It’s a good investment” And the special trick in Coach’s material is the more old usage, the more beautiful leather you have. Personally, Coach has been one of my favorite brands for a long time. Not only that the brand consistently seeks to improve the efficiency of the store, they keep expanding their own improvement by working with talented artists, collaborating with designers and restlessly searching for new designs. 

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