Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tips to Write and Lovin' Your Blog

Tips to Write and Lovin' Your Blog

Hi guys,

Here's the article that I would like to share about my experience towards being a blogger and of course "how to write a good blog and attract other readers to keep following your posts, (while you can appreciate readings what you have wrote :)) "

I have started being a blogger for approximately a year and last week, i just won the "BLOG OF THE WEEK" Competition which's held by Model Stage Blog. Actually, I would love to thank you Model Stage Blog and Ana Hanson for the great opportunity to be picked as the winner, also featuring my blog on the special post. I really appreciate it a lot :)

Thus, this can be a great opportunity to share some of my ideas and maybe you guys can make it too!

1. "Be yourself" 

There always be a time when you go to other bloggers' page just to find out what make people keep becoming their fans...and I did too! To be honest, I guess some people might do the same thing because we all want to know how to start by looking up from well-known fashion bloggers. However, the best thing is to express "who you really are" that's what being a blogger means. It would be nothing if everyone write about the same articles, isn't it?

There are numerous websites, magazines that have already reported about fashion trend, fashion runway, new collection and etc. So my little advice is to "divide" For example, in my blog called The Equinox

80%is my style, favourite cosmetics, unique designs, and another 20% is about fashion and color trend, what's hot in the season, also collection reviews. 

2. "Personal Taste"

It means your "style" For instance, when you write about cosmetic or whatever, it doesn't need to be all products from the latest collection, instead, you can write something about your favourite color or even DIY. So that it can make your blog different from others.

Here are the examples of what I've posted to Beauty and Makeup.

All time favorite "pink" lipstick :)

My DIY Glitter tattoo inspired by galaxy :)

My favorite Lip Tar's "purple" selection.

Coach store visited&Coach Jewelry Review :)

Spotted Spring 2013 Colors Trend

3. "Pictures"

For me, photos are really important since people are not merely reading what you have written but also looking at those beautiful pictures. I love attaching muse or inspiration to the articles, or sometimes adapt the hues, as well as, the retro/photo adjustment for more interesting.

For more tips or if you need any suggestions, please feel free to talk to me anytime. i would be glad to help :)

Have a great day 


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