Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sponsored Post: ChangeDestiny by SK II

Despite the fact that I am not a beauty blogger or anything related to cosmetic expert, I have come across SK-II, one of the Asian skincare products which aim to develop and improve a better yet healthier skin for women. I love experimenting on new brands and I am very interested in its latest launched campaign about #ChangeDestiny since it is not only designed for introducing the product itself but also triggering us to questions ourselves “What do you see yourself in the future years to come?”

“How do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years?” I am one of those people who ask me like this as well. Even though, some people suggest living in the present, I look at myself from the future so that I can make it happen in nowadays. “Future Me” campaign was created in a form of Youtube video in order to communicate with us with the hope of positive vibe sending through the computer screens. I have watched this video for several times, and I still question myself “How will I be or how will I look like when I reach 35 or 40 years old?”

However, I clicked through the second campaign video called “Skin Destiny Study” because I was really tempted by the inspirational button triggered inside my mind. The video is all about the experiment hosted by well-known blogger and bag designer who has been using Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II products for 10 years still her skin looks incredibly glowing. I am very pleased by the effectiveness of the product which really helps maintaining women’ skin to look really healthy and young because I’m in the age of middle 20s and I feel like taking care of our skins initiating from this moment is very crucial in order to look younger than your coming ages. Seriously, I use probably 4 to 5 products for my face not including mineral spray.

Therefore, I would love to share this videos and information with you. Nevertheless, I am not a guru about beauty or someone who can answer your questions about skincare products; I do love to pamper myself with the aim of having a baby face in the future.

*Post Sponsored by SK-II

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  1. I've heard to many good things about SK-II!! it's a popular cosmetics brand in Japan :) I agree with you, it is never too early to start good skin care! have a great weekend doll<3

    1. I think it's very popular in Asia too! I would love to try but it's a bit pricey for me 高いすぎる.

      Have a great weekend to you too doll! <3

  2. They do have amazing product I had not try yet.

  3. Sounds really good! :)
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  4. Sounds great, thanks for sharing


    Thanks for your sweet comment dear

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  5. I wish it could of been that easy to talk to a cute guy at the airport hahaha! Anyway, I've heard of this brand but never tried any products myself, any good for sensitive skin??

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  6. Soooner is better to start thinking about your skin! And if you do it all what you can now, and do it good, than the results will surely see in the future! Fantastic video :*