Thursday, January 22, 2015


 I love to eat Thai food not just because I am Thai but finding the right restaurant is a bit challenging also. Thai food is quite complicated in terms of delicate ingredients and cooking methods, so to find the right restaurant which can actually provide you THAT authentic taste is hard, especially when you are abroad. There are a wide variety of Thai restaurants established worldwide but not all of the restaurants can make the diners say 'wow' 
However, I have come across one of the restaurants located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom, called "Thaikhun" where it makes me feel like home. 

As a part of Millennium Hotels & Resorts, The Equinox Fashion was invited to participate in the campaign of "Blogger's guide to Manchester"in order to introduce a place to visit in Manchester. Hence, I wouldn't even hesitate to recommend Thaikhun to the readers since I just feel like I would love to present the place that truly offers the 'genuine taste' of Thailand.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit Thaikhun myself, and I spent almost two hours provided with amazing food and excellent service. My first impression has to be the decoration of the restaurant because it looks really street style to me. How could the restaurant even manage to get some of the rare items that might not be able to be found in nowadays!? If you have ever been to Khaosarn Road (My favourite place) You'll definitely love this place. Also, I just love the fact that the restaurant is very neat and clean!

I ordered lots of foods included dessert like Pandan Pancake last night. The starter I selected was Por Pia Sod, healthy veggie wrap with fresh prawns, while my friend went for Moo Dad Diew. The vegetables were really fresh and I love it because I am a person who really concern about the quality of  the food, however, Por Pia Sod looks a bit like Vietnamese food to me because in Thailand this dish is different. The sauce also differs from the ingredients used in Thailand, however, I assume that it might be hard to find the exact same ingredients in UK since there aren't many Asian markets unless you have to import everything from the original country which might cost a lot in logistic. Besides, I understand that the taste has to be adapted because Thai people (not including me) eat really spicy food. Therefore, for the pleasure of the diners here, the food has to be adjusted but still tasted in Thai style.  

For the main course, I have to say that I love eating Pad See Eiw so much! It tasted really delicious I must say. My friend also ordered Mad Sa Man Gai (Chicken curry) which is not a spicy dish but more sweet and creamy, good for those who love coconut milk. 

Prawn crackers

Por Pia Sod

Moo Dad Diew

Mad Sa Man Gai

Pandan Pancake

So if you have a chance to visit Manchester, don't forget to try Thaikhun, one of the restaurants in town which I would love to recommend!

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)


  1. Yummy food..and the ambiance is also amazing!

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  2. I love thai food too!
    The restaurant looks awesome!

  3. What a drool worthy post Gail! This food looks so yummy!

  4. this place looks really nice !

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  5. Everything looks delicious, although my mouth is watering over those prawn crackers - yum!!


  6. The food looks really good. xx


  7. I haven't had Thai food in SO long! If you rate this place, I would definitely eat here. Good ole Khaosan Road, it's such an amazing place!

    Tara x

  8. everything looks so yummy, specially the pancake! x

  9. Love thai food!
    Oh this made me hungry xx

  10. Such gorgeous pictures!! And the dishes all look so great!! I've never eaten Thai food, hope to have the occasion once!!


  11. Oh!
    Foods looks so yummy!!
    And the shop is stylish.
    I am hungry…!


  12. That food looks amazing!

    Thank you for visiting my blog too :)

    Tabby x

  13. Oh my gosh this food looks so good. I want the pancake now MMMMM!

    Rachel xx

  14. It all looks so yoummy !! <3

  15. The food looks amazing. Oh god you are making me so hungry. It looks like ill be going to a Thai restaurant tonight :D
    have a nice weekend

  16. I haven't had Thai in ages, I need to try some proper Thai after a poor curry from one restaurant - STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW!

    Lauren x
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  17. Such delicious looking food Gail and lovely pics!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  18. I love Thai food, Gail! This place looks like it serves really good dishes:)

  19. Ah I adore Thai food so much. I guess its my second fav cuisine :)

  20. Stunning place and the food looks delicious !
    Have a lovely weekend Gail :)

  21. Wow this place reminds me of mom and pop shop at the corner of Ekkamai or Silom! Those ones are the best really I used to go to one after school everyday and order (my favorite too!) the pad see ew! Ah what a great place wish we have something like this in Chicago :) xo~ Lena

  22. everything looks so good! I think it is a challenge to find the food you are so accustomed to eating in a difference country. glad you found this nice place :)

  23. pandan pancake?? i don't even think we have that here.. omg i'm dying to try it i love anything baitoey! :)

  24. these pictures look awesome! I love the colors xx

  25. the pandan cake looks yummy, dear :)

  26. Thai food is the best! My all time favorite is "Phad Kra-Pow" <3 You're right, though. It's SO hard to find a Thai restaurant abroad that can offer that authentic taste. I've only found one here in Manila!