Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jewellery Top Picks of the Month

I was recently browsing the latest Thomas Sabo collection from a jewellery store not so far from where I'm based in Manchester, Silver Tree Jewellery. The Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer collection is beautiful and as I can't pick my favourite item I have brought you a wish list featuring my top picks. Some of you may be able to purchase the products effortlessly, but for me the one I would pay for has to be only in 'black or green'. 

I prefer these two colours because they somehow embrace my strong personality that I cannot feel when wearing ordinary gem. It is luxurious, but personally I find it powerful. Every time I see women wearing the black ornaments, I can feel the power within them. Some may think that black stone is a bit hard to mix and match with the outfit, while some may say it looks too much for the jewellery. I think it is very charming, especially the black pearl, and black sapphire.  

However, the reason why some manufacturers do not offer the black stone jewellery, or even my favourite Emerald is that it is easy to be taken care of. Just one scratch can be like a disaster. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will be able to look after these precious gems carefully. Well, they are not cheap, are they? 

I also have a special code which can be used when purchasing your favourite designers. Want 20% off? Just enter "BLG_T6D4P7A4XFMX"!

1. Thomas Sabo black maharani ring
2. Thomas Sabo black onyx ring
3.Thomas sabo blue karma bead
4. Thomas Sabo drop pendant
5.Thomas Sabo ZigZag onyx ring