Thursday, October 8, 2015

Brantano Ladies New Season Style

Autumn has officially begun, and that means our wardrobes may be in a transitional form too. Isn't it fun to switch our clothes in different seasons? From knitwear in Winter to shorts and flip-flop for Summer, here we go again, the time of the year, which we have to layer up ourselves for the Autumn style. As a Manchester based blogger myself, this is not my most favourite season after all because the weather is extremely unpredictable. However, clothes are not the only options I have to change, but other accessories also. I was recently browsing the latest Brantano Ladies New Season Styles and as I can't pick my favourite shoes, I have brought you a wish list featuring my top picks. Some of you may only focus on boots this season, but for me, I would love to have a wide variety of pairs that suit for every occasion. 

1. ) Clarks Aquifer Belle Slingback Low Heels

Though, I don't really wear high-heel that much, these low heels are acceptable. Wearing boots all the time is good for my feet, however, it is important to have at least a pair of heels just in case I have to go to the special gala dinner or any other luxury events hosted by high-end brands. I just can't wear boots to every event, can I? The reason why I picked these heels because I loved the snake printed, which looks very chic. They can be paired with both white or LBD 'little black dress' As well as, the accessories like a statement necklace, or just one simple clutch bag. One pair of shoes can definitely boost up the look! 

2) Clarks Chorus Tempo High Heels Court Shoes

These are also my favourite selection due to the design, and the chunky heels, which always make me feel more comfortable than a needle one. Guaranteed by the quality of the brand, Clarks is one of my all time favourite brands since I moved to the UK. To be honest, I used to wear those trendy heels and creepers, that made my feet in pain (not even worth my money!.) When I looked at these heels for the first time, I thought about a girl wearing a short dress and a shoulder bag. She looked really feminine in these shoes. So, I thought, maybe I should store them in my house too?!. 
3) Clarks Viveca Zeal Flat Sandals

I absolutely love these sandals since I think they would be great when I travel to Asia. Trust me, I don't need to wear boots in my country because it always hot and hot and hot! I also love the colour too! The simplicity of the soft pink shade makes these sandals versatile in matching with almost anything. What would I pair them with? Just shorts, tank-top and floppy hat, these items would be enough for my Summer look. 

4) Caravelle Wide Fit Metallic Strappy Leisure Shoes & 5) Caravelle Leather Ginger Loafers

These shoes are what I have considered for my mother, not me because these would look so good on her. She loves wearing the loafers, they look so comfortable, don't you think!? My mother can absolutely wear these white strappy shoes to her work because they look very clean and neat. It is not that easy to pick a shoe for her, but it is not that hard to figure out what she would love to have! 

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