Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We All Have That 'Lost' Moment

if only we could be a kid again..Life is not that easy when we are in the age of 20 something. It is the time to think about life, future, relationship, business, etc. It sounded fun when we were in a high school, but it isn't in the reality. I am at the age of 20s, and I have worked my ass off just to follow my dreams, though, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. That is the choice I have made, the day I quit a full-time job and become a freelance writer and blogger at The Equinox Fashion until nowadays. Life is not a perfect concrete picture hanging on the wall. I would say that life is a roller coaster. We have up-and-down experiences, and it is normal. However, getting lost sometimes can be a good thing to realize our thoughts and feelings also. 


Everyone's life looks so perfect on social media, including mine, yours, and everyone else. In fact, there are way toooooooo many things going on in my head. Although, my blogging career is going so well, I have a lot of issues to deal with such as visa, and some other freelance works. I am not that old, but I have been constantly thinking about my future of how it is gonna be. How my blog is gonna be? Will I become a successful blogger? Where I am gonna live? Will I be able to make my dream come true?... See, so much stuff going on in my head. I was so stressed out that meditation couldn't even help me calm my thoughts, despite I always meditate every other day. I felt so overwhelmed with the visa situation, and it has been bugging me these days. I was really stressed to the point that I lost the appetite, and laughed in tears 'I think I'm fucked up' told myself. 

However, what's the point of being fed up by the things that haven't happened yet? Though,  it is still vague for me at some points, I have tried to get a grip of myself and continue on what I am doing. How to deal with anxiety is a major solution which we have to deal it well, or else it will eventually devour us. I am not a depressed person, because I know how to deal with my emotions and focus on the 'now' moment. It is so normal to worry about the future since we do not know how our lives will be. Remember, we are not a fortune teller, we cannot read our own palms, therefore we won't be able to predict anything. 

One thing we can definitely do is 'put 100% of the effort' in everything we want our future to turn out. No matter how hard it is, if we keep doing it as a commitment every single day, I am pretty sure that the result can be predictable. Just keep doing and never stop, though sometimes it can be frustrating. When we are lost in our own emotions, try to stay focused in a present. Stop thinking about things that haven't occurred, and live the life we want it to be. 

Fiona Gilet jacket- Snob UK
Fluffy split jumper- Snob UK
Boots- Snob UK


  1. Happy New Year Gail! Nice article. Don't give up :)

  2. OMG I love your boots you look stunning doll.

  3. Fantastic look !! Gorgeous colour fur and I love your boots !!

    HAppy New Year dear !!
    kisses from Poland

  4. you couldn't have posted this in a better time gail. i totally get you with the whole work, visa, etc problems. but you know what, i always tell myself there are far bigger things in life to worry about and try to focus on the present :)

  5. First I want to congratulate you, dear Gail, you look absolutely fantastic on the pictures and I love your colourful fur vest so much! I know by my own experience really what you mean ... but I recognised that it (at least in my life) it became better during I got older. Please do never forget what you already reached, you should be so proud on you!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  6. Good luck with your visa and finding somewhere nice to live, Gail. I agree that perseverance and efforts pay off

  7. OMG I can totally relate to you! I've also been thinking so much lately about my life, love, and business. I am 25 now, and my life isn't exactly how I planned it to be when I was still in high school. Yes, it can be so overwhelming sometimes. I feel you, girl!! But let's trust that our life will take us where we need to be <3


  8. me han gustado mucho tus botas, son magnificas

  9. you work so hard that you'll always end up making the best out of any situation no matter what the obstacles! one's just got to believe in themselves and also allow these moments to happen from time to time. i've been having a lost moment in the sense of not knowing what to do next, but i'm sure everything will turn okay in the end (, i hope)! also, you're looking beautiful and i really like this outfit! a bit of colour, but still stylish and very you:-) xx

  10. J'adore ton look, super original !!