Sunday, March 27, 2016

Contemporary-Luxe of W Bangkok Hotel

Situated in the heart of Bangkok's commercial district, 2 night stay at W Bangkok Hotel was more than a luxury getaway for a workaholic person like me. Since The Equinox Fashion blog has officially expanded, from fashion& style to the lifestyle niche, this's the 2nd 'hotel review' I literally enjoyed sharing my experience. Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay at the globally renowned hotel? Curious what the interior decor is all about? I have, and these are the reasons why my blog doesn't need to focus solely on the fashion anymore. So, what it's like to stay at this contemporary, design-led lifestyle brand hotel? Let me pleasantly take you to the inside of this 5 star luxury hotel. 


The online image of the Spectacular Room is indeed the same as the real one. The combinations of the bold interior decor, and the advanced built-in equipment, I was completely blown away from these modern furnishings. Luxury bathtub, 40'' flat screen LED TV, touch screen room controls, what more could I ask for? The only thing that kept me calling the reception was a bottle of water. The weather is incredibly hot here in Bangkok, Thailand (of course, it's Summer!) and I feel dehydrated all the time. One thing I really love about W Hotels is how they combine the palettes altogether. Contrasted by the yellowed-glass pane separated bathroom, the black brick tiled bathroom and gorgeous white king-sized bed is just the perfect combo. 

Some may think that I could stay 24/7 chilling in my room, but guess again because the only time I could relax was after 6 p.m. only. There were a few events I had to run aha! In this week, my daily basis was all about running to the events, and walking around the city center because that's where all of the major fashion events hosted. Therefore, relaxing bubble bath was all I ever needed when I came back to my (home) room. I am a fan of Bliss, so no need to explain how happy I was with the aromatic scent of Bliss products provided by the hotel, included bubble bath liquid soap, body lotion, and hair care.

Located on the 22nd floor, the view is absolutely great! I love the big city life, and what's better than waking up in the morning, opening the curtains, and appreciating life beyond those tall buildings? It is an inspiring moment for me...No matter how much I love the UK, the country, where I call my 'home' always be the best. Sometimes, we can see the flaws in our own home, but eventually it is still where we were born, and raised. 


My breakfast was absolutely delicious! It is not like we have a cup of coffee with a toast with strawberry jam, and butter. Instead, I just couldn't decide which food I should eventually have. Asian noodle, Indian rice, French pastry, basically the all-in-one international food day. Some of you may have seen my messed up breakfast on The Equinox Fashion Instagram, but seriously everything on my plate was amazing.  Especially the guava drink, this fresh green juice was the must-have energy booster in the morning. 

Inspired by the Thai folklore, the decor inside the dining lounge is a beautiful crocodile scale glass pane. Yes, I am talking about Chalawan, one of the most famous Thai literatures! Again, the hotel evenly blends the bold colors in every room. The majestic of this luxury gold-yellow with the details in the background's totally pleasing. When the sunlight pierces through these yellow panes, it just comfortably dazzling. 


The staff was really friendly to me. It is different from my previous experience at some other hotels, where the staff couldn't be bothered smiling, and greeting. Here in W Bangkok, almost every single one of them always said hi to me first. It was really great to know that there always be people who smile at you first, and they just brighten up your day. Most of the guests here are foreigners, especially Singapore (from what I noticed). So, no need to worry about the language barrier because this luxury hotel technically provides professional bi-lingual staff for every nationality. Apart from the reception service, there are also several services offered such as WOOBAR, Fit Gym, W The Store, Wheels, etc. The facilities of the hotel are very convenient for the guests, specially the 24 hour gym on the 6th floor with 149 square meter space quipped with the latest fitness gear. Too bad, I didn't bring a swimsuit because I really wanted to jump into the pool!  :( Do they have a spa? Yes, they do! The signature full body massage is a must. However, did I try it? Nope, fully booked. 

As I mentioned that this hotel fulls of beautiful decorations and details. For example, behind the reception desk is a 'Swarovski' beads designed as a tiger fighting against Garuda. Plus, all of the jewelries were put into pieces by hands. I wonder how many crystal did they use!?

Another thing I love about W Bangkok is how the hotel fuses Thai tradition with the modern design of the elegance decoration. In fact, there are so many interesting matters about Thailand and its culture. Despite the development that keeps changing our country, or sometimes even influenced by the Western, I am glad there's still a place, which considers the uniqueness of this 'land of smile'. That is the reason why this place is called contemporary-luxe hotel. 

Trust me, Thailand has so many good things to offer :) 

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    Style For Mankind

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    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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