Friday, March 25, 2016

'Fashion Trend' by CPN Life Bulletin

Inspired by the Pantone 2016, this is just 1/4 of what CPN Life Bulletin has offered for the Bangkokian who live and breath fashion& lifestyle. Living in the capital, Bangkok, Thailand, is very convenient, yet competitive at the same time. Though it means rush hour, that is the reason behind this 'everyday lifestyle hub' creation. 


Clothes, cosmetic products, foods, and drinks, the all-in-one media is available for everyone. No need to spend the money, since it costs nothing to own one. Good value with a packet of information, this scorching Summer can make a difference. Hidden with the Summery gimmick, this free copy is printed by the Eco-friendly material. The freshness of a minty cover will be able to brighten up our days. Do you like a sniff of a book you read? I do...I don't think it's weird..I think. Moreover, it is also available in a digital form too. The readers can download via AR CPN Life application.

CPN Life Bulletin is a combination of fashion trend, and lifestyle manual. Apart from writing The Equinox Fashion blog, Vogue is one of my favourite sources I have kept up with the runway trends, which change swiftly. This bulletin also offers the readers similarly. From the New York catwalk, to Paris must-have items, what we need to know is published and offered at the BTS sky train station, as well as, chic cafes around Bangkok area. Just grab and have a read! 

Personally, it is a great idea indeed, because I am one of those people who don't really spend money on the hard copy anymore. Every fashion source can be viewed online, and sometimes it is even faster to absorb the trends on the internet than the published magazines. However, this can be a classic bulletin that everyone can experience the printed version, instead of the online world. Isn't it easier to just follow the trend by the real users, especially in the social media such as Instagram, and YouTube? Reading a printed version may able to provide us the insight of the fashion industry. Both digital and printed versions, they both still show the great effort of the writers. We are bloggers, we are also writers, and we know how much does it take to write the contents for the readers.