Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Does Affliliate Banner Work on My Blog?

So, I assume you may have heard about the affliliate program, or posted the banner(s) on the blog already. Therefore, I am not gonna go in detail of what it is. In short, you get the money when your readers click (and sometimes buy the products via) the banner (s) provided by the fashion brands and etc. I am gonna be honest with you that some of the recommended tips of 'how to make money on the blog' work, while some just nahhh. And one of the methods, which doesn't work on my income is the affliliate thing. I don't know if what I understand is correct, but it seems that you can make a lot out of your blog when you have a really big fan based on the platform. So, mine is just can't be counted in that group. Some bloggers make a s*** load of money from that, but it seems too far for me to become a full time blogger out of that strategy. 

Basically, you will get x-xx% of the customer's purchase via the banner you have posted for the brands, but the most I could make in the past was like probably a few bucks I think lol. I am not a big influencer, so I am still curious about this marketing tactic and how everything works. I have completely removed those banners for a while since I don't really think that I could make a profit that way. Of course, The Equinox Fashion blog is my career, my business, and everything. Hence, I need to make a living from it, right? When every banner didn't seem to do anything, then why the hell I still needed those ads featuring on the sidebar of my blog? I got a lot of emails in the past regarding the affliliate invitations from the agency and etc..So, I gave them a shot. I signed up to several platforms who provided me lots of affliliate banners. It was very exciting to me indeed, because I expected to find the passive income from that. I selected way too many banners from the online brands such as Missguided, Boohoo, or whatsoever that seemed to have a great revenue and credit, as stated on the stats. Then, I put all of those selections on the sidebar, which made my blog look like an ad sphere and I wasn't that happy (lol) But for money, yea I would try. 

So, what happened? People clicked on some of the banners, but it wasn't that many anyway. People didn't click, no one bought the item (s) via my blog, so I couldn't make the money. I placed the banners for like 4 - 6 months, still it didn't improve, so I decided to remove all of them in order to give my blog a space to breath the fresh air. Maybe the affliliate banners work on some other blogs, I don't know...All I can see from this point is that the behavior of my audiences is different from what some other bloggers have suggested. In my opinion, the affliliate thing is not the only factor to make a money because there is something else to evaluate too. However, if you think the affliliate works on your blog, I would be more than happy to read about your experience because like I said I am curious to know how do you guys make money from it. 


  1. I'm totally agree with your opinion about affiliate programs but some people don't colaborate with us and be afraid to click in our links!

    Btw, you look amazing as usual. Yellow look perfect o you <3

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  2. I think it depends on your audience, most times they click but are scared to buy for one or two reason. Mine has been up for some weeks and I got one order for now. I think it's best to put up what interest your audience. By the way loving the T-shirt.

  3. Don't worry, you're not there alone. Affiliate programs don't work for me either! Anytime I read blog tips from successful bloggers I try to follow their advice and put some affiliate widgets but they don't work for me... I don't know whether I am doing something wrong or it just depends on the number of followers you have.... Don't know... If you find out, please write to me :)))

  4. What a cute T shirt, Gail!
    Your banner selection is very great!
    I have to consider banner for me.


  5. I agree that affiliate banners are not the most effective way to make revenue. I find that my reward style apps and links do far better. You look super cute in this Bart tee

    Rachel xx

  6. You're right. Some of them work, some doesn't. I like those that are paid in advance whether people click or not. :)

  7. Thanks for the honest feedback.
    Cute look!


  8. It all depends what the audience it looking for and sometimes they click sometimes they don't cute outfit.

  9. What a fun tee - and great writeup on banner ads!

    The 3rd and last installment of my festival style campaign with UK brand BOOHOO is still live at the blog this week - come check it out and lemme know what you think!

    Happy Thursday!


  10. It feels like one have to be so specific with affiliate banners, with the products you share and the things you link too! And still it's no guarantee as it all comes down to the audience! Thank you though a very interesting refelection! Xx

  11. Such a great post, girlie, as always! I've had more success with the links than with the banners. People click on the links for various reasons. Some want the exact item you're wearing and if it's not and only something similar, they may not buy. I've found that when I've linked the exact piece to what I'm wearing, I'll get a purchase. I love your outfit, it's so cute! I hope you're having a great week so far, beauty!



  12. I love this yellow Simpsons t-shirt on you Gail - so cute! It's great to read about your experience with banner/ad placement on your blog, though a pity it didn't work out for you. Personally, I don't want them cluttering my blog and so can't really provide any insight for my blog - though I can see how some bloggers could potentially earn from it :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  13. That shirt is so cute on you! <3

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  14. Very cute casual outfit! I removed banners off my blog as well. They didn't get much attention.

  15. I had a bunch of ads on my site in the past but they weren't really benefiting me so I got rid of them. I think they just distracted my audience and caused them to leave before they fully experienced my own site.


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  16. First, love that fun Bart Simpson tee! :)

    I haven't had a lot of luck with banners on my site but ever now and then I'll get something. Affiliate links do best for me, I make a couple dollars a month which isn't much but it's nice to treat myself to a little ice cream now and then haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. Yes dear, it's super important to use :D
    Thanks a lot <3

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  18. I haven't yet done affiliates on my blog but I've heard that links in the blog posts work better than banners

  19. I haven't yet done affiliates on my blog but I've heard that links in the blog posts work better than banners

  20. Dear Gail, honestly I'm not surprised about your experience with the banners as I expected absolutely what happened. Therefore I never activated banners on my blog ... now I got thanks to you the confirmation that this was a good decision :) Love your super cool yellow shirt btw! Happy weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  21. Exactly what happened to me too. thanks for sharing your experiences!! I guess I wasn't the only one lol

  22. First off Gail is not in black today! What happened. JK, you look bright and happy and just beautiful. Cute tee darling! I don't care for banners. I had them up on my home page and took them down. I believe I just have one or 2 up and thats more than enough. I prefer links. Even though I use both rewardstyle and shopstyle I prefer the later as I see more $ from them. It's all bout numbers I guess. Numbers numbers numbers of readers and clickers etc, LOL. Which is why the big influencers stay making money. I guess one could go full time and really focus on building the base but there's a lot of uncertainty with that as well. Plus I love my day job too. Have a lovely weekend girl! Great post as always.

  23. Hey... see I have read about this and thought this as a option to make money... but since I don't blog much I have not experimented with this... you made few mistakes... first you should do silent marketing on the product... like say mix it up inbetween... I checked the product out from this store, they seem interesting and put a banner not in the corner but somewhere below or middle... don't dump banners of all companies... you maintain your blogs integrety instead of trying to get readers click banners, just silently make them interesting so that they click it later(: ... and see the products that are genuenly good and people are interested in, don't market products or companies you are not sure about... I am sure this affiliate thing should workout(:

  24. I never understood how it works tbh! I only made a few bucks like you said and I can only cash those when they become 70+$ which will be....never!
    Love the post and look!

  25. Same here, Gail. Lucky for those who can make big bucks but I doubt there are many. Happy weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  26. Interesting post darling! Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'll be happy if we start to follow each other!

  27. That shirt is so cute on you! I agree that affiliate banners are not the most effective way to make a revenue.

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  28. I do not use affiliate banner.
    Your outfit is so cute, I want your bag and this tee is very cool :)