Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What to Do when People Don't Like You

Blogging is such a competitive industry, and obviously people are different. Some may like you, while some may not...The fact is you can't make 100 people like you because this is it, the reality. Honestly, I am blessed to be surrounded kind-hearted friendly bloggers, yet I know that some just do not like me. Human-being is weird sometimes, you know...People can just hate each other by the faces "I don't like her and I just don't know why" I think at least some of us have had such experience once in a lifetime. As a girl, that's what we kinda bitchin' about it. However, it doesn't matter what others may say about you because at the end of the day "you've got your back"

Dog is a human's best friend, and I do agree. But sometimes, human is not the human's best friend. We can smile in front of one another, but who knows what's the real reason behind that. I have met a lot of great fashion bloggers via the Instagram, and it turns out that they are super duper friendly in person. However, I have also met some people who just being fake and arrogant. Like I said, we all are different. It is a diversity throughout this online sphere. Though, you might have 10K followers, not like everyone is gonna love you and that amount of number. Jealousy is all around. Yet, we don't have to seek for the approval from others, do we? I have read a book call "Detox your ego" and I really love it! I have learnt a lot from the author, as I was going through the downtime of trying to please everyone. Yep, I was a people pleaser and it was shitty. Tbh, it was just a chaos inside my heart when I didn't receive a good feedback or hospitality like I tried to give others. "I wonder why she didn't like me? What have I done?" These questions popped up inside my head almost everyday. I could not focus on anything because I was seeking for the answer for the questions I had...Eventually, this book has pulled me off the water. 

I wanted people to like me and I wanted all of them to talk only good things about me. That didn't happen ( I would be a mind-reader if I could control what others think!).The book's suggested that I wanted it too much and it's true. Ask yourself "Do you want it too much?" when you are trying to please everyone, or when you want everyone to like you. When something is too much, it is off the balance, right? This is such a selfish situation because we just want the good stuff for ourselves. We only want people to accept us, we only want them to love us... That makes us happy, right? Seriously, it is too much and selfish to the extreme. It only cause a turmoil inside our hearts when we mess around the feelings of wanting to be accepted too much. Isn't it true? 

Stop thinking about what others are thinking about you if you do not want to make it's going worse. STOP. You can stop such down feelings inside your heart by just simply acting 'selfless' Like the book has taught me. Acting selfless can make me calm actually. It makes me stop seeking for approval, as well as, attention from others because I just let everything go. Likewise, you DO NEED ANYONE TO APPROVE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! What if they don't like me? Just fuck it and walk away. You are not forced to talk or live under the same roof with them. Well, you might encounter people you do not like at the event at some points, but hey just act like a PRO. You are selfless remember, and you've got your back. Remember, stop being selfish by wanting people to love you because it only creates the turmoil of the feelings. Stop wanting it TOO MUCH, it is just the act of selfishness when you only want people to love you. 

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  1. Its not healthy to be concern in pleasing everyone as long as you happy with what you share and have an understanding that everyone has an opinion and never take the negative one to heart.

  2. Oh, fun post! Fantastic spent time.
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  3. Ah I love this! It's hard when people don't like you but I think it's important to hear not everyone is going to like you. It makes it a little easier to accept when you realize no one is liked by everyone.

    xo, Christina

  4. OMG I can really relate to this post 100%. I think I have what some people call the "resting bitch face" and people just don't like me because of it, and sometimes because of my sexuality too. I used to be a people-pleaser as well. I couldn't handle it when someone didn't like me even though I'm nice to them. I would do everything in my power to make them like me. However, now I'm not like that anymore, and I'm happier. I just focus on the good people around me -- the good friends I have who I know do not judge me based on how I look or what I wear or my sexual preference. At the end of the day, I'd rather have 5 true friends than 1000 fake ones, you know? <3


  5. great advice honey, I'm just super excited to meet you :)

  6. Don't give a damn. Because you can't please everybody and haters will always be hating. :D
    Great read as always, dear.

  7. You are so right. And the worst part is knowing it late that some people do not like us..Great post.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  8. Very wise thoughts! There will always be haters, we just have to do our best to ignore them :)

    Bella Pummarola

  9. That book sounds like a must read! Awesome advice!


  10. Beautiful post, I definitely do try and please everyone sometimes but ti's best to just accept people won't always like you and move on sometimes rather than putting yourself through pain <3

    The Quirky Queer

  11. The way of life I guess.. From personal experiences, I've learned Some people have insecurities and spend too much time comparing themselves to others and feeling like they have to disredit others to validate themselves. other people would hang around you because they like what you have but hate that you have it and not them.. Just make sure you recognise your real people the ones that are there for you. WE can't please everyone in life, that's just the way it is. I've learned not to tak it too personal.
    Great post! Awesome pictures, you have a nice smile :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss

  12. Eondering if ppl really like me.. and what if they just pretend to? it's sad.. :(

    The White Print Blog
    CGrabowska's Instagram

  13. This is such a great post, beautiful, so very relatable too! I feel that today, it's much easier to have the pressure and unbalanced desire to want people to love and approve of us because in the eyes of society, we're only as good as the amount of people who (pretend) to love us. I agree with everything you've shared here and I have to be honest in saying that it's definitely something I've been working on and haven't yet mastered. I read somewhere that 10% of people you meet will not like you for no given reason. We tent to focus too much on the 10%, the unfollows, the ignores and not so much the love and support those around us genuinely show. Most importantly, we don't value enough the love and acceptance we should be showing ourselves! As for your outfit, I love your shearling bomber, girl, you look gorgeous as always! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  14. Dear Gail, thanks for your so true post again! No, it is impossible, that everybody likes you. Honestly I don't care much about other people and everybody is free to like me or not. The only thing I can do is to like at least myself :) Cool jacket today btw <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. nice jacket !


  16. When people don't like you, well, just ignore them. They do not define who you are! Such a great post! It can hard sometime when you want to please everyone.

    Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

  17. Such gorgeous pictures! I love what you are wearing!

  18. I guess we just have to ignore them. We can't please everyone, can we? Great shots as always, Gail! xoxo

  19. This a such a great text. It's never easy when peoples don't like you but yeah i still think the best way is to give up and move on and I'm in love with your perfecto.

  20. I agree with you! This is such a wonderful post! It is difficult to distinguish who are real and who aren't especially that bloggers only interact online. It is hard to decipher what the other person's intentions really are. But at the end of the day, you are not obligated to please anyone but yourself. At the end of it all, your happiness is what matters. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  21. These reflections are so good as usual! Such a great reminder of standing up for yourself and not adjust after other people's wishings! Xx


  22. Love this post! Love your hair btw!


  23. I love your pictures! You have great photography skills :)

    Much Love, XXX Tiffany Lea

  24. You make some valid points. We won't always find people who like us and it's important to never try to be a people pleaser.

  25. You always have such wise words in your posts! Very true too, it's important to be ourselves and not worry about what others will think of us as not everyone will like us.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  26. Thanks a lot, my dear ;D

    Great post and amazing strong quotes. I'm totally agree with you!

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  27. Me encanta tu estilo, el look es perfecto!! https://bohoclosetblog.com/2016/09/09/maxi-falda-boho-azul/

  28. The book you mention sounds like a brilliant read - there's nothing to be gained from seeking approval from others after all :) I think we all need gentle reminders of that every now and again :) Personally though I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like you though Gail haha - you're lovely!


  29. Loving this coat! It is so making me crave fall right now!



  30. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like your style!!!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know

  31. Great post ! Your jacket is perfect. Very good reflexion too. Kisses and have a lovely weekend :)

  32. That quilt art is so great!
    And nice article!!!
    I often want too much...so I have to be calm.


  33. Amazing photos !


  34. Hi there Gail
    Wow we love your blog here in the office of DETOX YOUR EGO and we are mighty thrilled that you read the book DETOX YOUR EGO and loved it. It's such an important message for us to read about 'not seeking the approval of others in order to find happiness' as it's a hard thing to not seek. We hope that this book will help people to really find their true purpose in life and gain more happiness in what they do.

    I'm so happy that you have taken time out to read it and enjoy the philosophy. Would you be happy for us to share your thoughts of the book with others? I'd love to tweet and link to your blog and maybe you could do an amazon review and i'll then link that to your blog too.

    We are about to launch the book all across AMERICA on 25th October, JAPAN & INDONESIA soon after and as you know it is out in the UK already and on AMAZON worldwide. I'd love to share your insight and thoughts on the book as it really touched us all here in London. You have a great way with words.

    Carry on with your awesome blog as we will all be keeping up to date with it.
    Best wishes
    I'm on Instagram too although not great at knowing how it all works - my account is @cloudssylvester and I post about my book, makeup and jewellery. Lots of love