Sunday, April 30, 2017

D' ark EmQuartier Review II

If you remember one of my food review at D'Ark a while ago, this probably is the second one I enjoyed swallowing everything down my throat. Everything was very delicious, and eventually I ended up having a food coma...Just like in Japan, I had food coma everyday lol. Are you ready to read my review of each dish? Please scroll down, and make sure you are not droolling ;)


To be honest, I hated the eggplant when I was young. However, it has turned out to be my favorite choice nowadays. Weird, right? In fact, the Eggplant Burrata Salad was probably my most fave dish of the night. The well-balanced of the flavor in one dish was spectacular. Oven-roasted eggplant, combined with the taste of Burrata cheese and fresh tomato concasse, it was perfect for me. If you are into the salad like me, this is what I strongly recommend. 


Are you a fan of scallop? I am! BIG FAN! Watching too much of the Hell's Kitchen, I have become the Thai food blogger who are obsessed with everything scallop. Mentaiko Spaghetti was amazing, I can tell you this! The scallops were perfectly cooked (you know when it's not chewy!) and it was really fresh! Besides, the dish wasn't oily at all, compared to some other types of spaghetti I have tried at some other restaurants. 


This was the dish, which I was very impressed. Well, I don't really eat raw stuff, because of that smell...You know...However, this one was yum! Maybe, the reason why I loved it was owing to the sauce, that was made in the Asian "refreshing" style. I could taste the citrusy from the sauce, and the combination of marinated salmon, also red onion was divine. Just look at the colour! On fire, isn't it?!


It was alright for the dessert, but I felt it a bit heavy. Baked Alaska's the baked meringue, filled with salted butter caramel and chocolate cake base. Without, the contrast of the caramel and chocolate cake, I wouldn't probably eat it that much. Just the meringue itself was too much for me...

Overall, I really enjoyed the food at D'Ark (like always) However, there was only one thing that I was not pleased by. One of the staff members who welcomed me at the door wasn't that friendly...I mean, the service, especially in the food industry is very essential. I worked in a restaurant before, so I kinda know that the "smile" and how to speak to the customer is crucial. 

Anyway, once again, thank you D'Ark for such an amazing food and your warm welcome :) 


  1. d'ark never disappoints :P i love it even more since they changed up the menu a while back! and couldn't agree more, bad service from the staff can totally lead to losing a customer.

  2. Now I'm convinced I would have a food coma as I would have aten everything completely as it looks extremely yummy! Thanks for sharing :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. All this food is making me so hungry!! It looks super delicious!

  4. Everything looks so delicious and o beautifully presented! The salmon ceviche in particular looks unbelievably good!

    Have a great start of the week girl!


    Tamara -

  5. Yummm omg this looks so good!! xx

  6. Oh my god, this place looks delicious. I love Burrata so that Eggplant Burrata salad would definitely make me happy as well! I totally understand your food coma! :-))

  7. This restaurant looks amazing! Dying over that dessert. These pics are beautiful too.

  8. nice post dear :)
    have a great week :)

  9. Those photographs are absolutely stunning!
    You are making me starving, just at the right time!
    Let me go cook some lunch :D

  10. so yummyyyy!!

  11. wow this Looks so tasty.
    lovely :D

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  12. mmm all this food looks absolutely delicious!


  13. Your photos are amazing, they have me drooling!

  14. My mouth is WATERING!! Everything looks so yummy!!
    xo | Cindy Elena

  15. All this food looks so amazing. I'm literally dying of hunger after seeing all these pics - and I just ate lunch too! Thanks so much for sharing :)


  16. Wow! All of the food looks delicious. :)
    Great shots of the dishes.

  17. Every dish and every step of the way you made me more and more hungry with this!! YUM! Damn, I am ready for dessert now!
    xx Jenelle