Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tax- Free Shopping at Dotonplaza, Osaka

The Equinox Fashion was invited to DOTON PLAZA, in order to have the enjoyable tax-free shopping experience, while traveling in Osaka. Of course, who wouldn't love it?! As a fashion & travel blogger from Bangkok, Thailand, I know exactly what Thai shoppers want. I don't know about you, but most people from Thailand fly to Japan (as we don't need the visa anymore) Not only to travel, but also for the shopping sake. Especially, a drug store! Even for me, it is like a paradise, because most of the items are CHEAPER than what I've found in  my country. I am not joking, but some can be half-priced. That's the reason why I went to DOTON PLAZA with Osaka Wonder Loop afterwards. I was friendly welcomed by the team, and just couldn't wait to explore all of the 3 floors! So, shall we begin? 

The 1F is all about high-end luxury brands, which may or may not look similar to the department stores at your country. I mean Prada eyewear, AKA jewelry, and made in Japan watch, these are the store samples you can find when walk in the department store. Moreover, what else I noticed was the staff here could speak English and Chinese very well. Actually, one of the women I was talking to was Chinese. No surprise, because there were a lot of Chinese and Korean tourists when I went there. So, it always a good idea to have someone who can speak the customer's languages, because that counts as one of the good services, right? 

I mean, even in Bangkok, Chinese tourists are one of the main customer target, who tends to spend a lot of when shopping. As a result, most of the department stores in Bangkok has Chinese/English language support. 

However, what I seemed to enjoy the most while walking around DOTON PLAZA was the 2F & 3F, especially if you are a fan of SHISEIDO, DHC, and other Japanese cosmetic brands, you will absolutely need more than an hour here! 

Here at DOTON PLAZA, there are a wide variety of cosmetics to choose from; 4GF, DHC, Kanebo, Shiseido, Kose, Sofina, Be Beauty, Pure Live, Attirance, Inventio, Seikan, also the oversea brands. The prices are similar, or cheaper than some other places (LOVE IT!) Not only the beauty goods, but also the lovely lingerie brand like Pleasure by Pleasure Gene is also available for those who are looking for the 'adorable & sexy underwear' I mean, just look at this Mermaid bra! How cute it is?! 

Guys, actually if you are looking Japanese sunscreen product, I would totally recommend this brand. I and mom have been using this for a while, and really love how light-weighted it is. I know there's nothing to do with this department store tour, but DOTON PLAZA sells ANESSA cheaper than some other drug stores I went to. Just in case, if you are interested! 

Also, if you are a healthy freak like me, DHC is one of my favourite Japanese vitamin brands since I was 17 years old. Here at DOTON PLAZA, there's a counter fulled of many vitamin ranges including the well-known vitamin C, Collagen, and etc. At the drug stores else where, usually there is no staff who would give you a guidance of what to take, and which one is good for your need. However, here you will be able to find the lovely ladies who can support your purchase. I can read a little bit of Japanese, so I can at least guess which one is what I want. But for those who can't read Japanese at all, the struggle is real since there's no English available. 

Besides, I loved the fact that there are lots of big DHC packages to buy. Most of the drug stores I went to have only 30 or 60 tablets. However, here you can find 90 tablets!

Also, if you are looking for a gift, this 2F is right where you should be. 

3F, guys this is it, the paradise of the drug store goods! I love spending more than hour in the store, because everything looks good to me. If I could, I would buy everything back home since I love Japanese products. What Thai people seem to love at the moment (actually for a while now) is the foam-whipped, or known as Perfect Whip which cleanses the skin thoroughly. I used it before, but now I have used another brand instead. It's actually one of my favourite cleansing items really! 

However, there's also Life Open Space at the 3F as well!

Here are some other photos of The Equinox Fashion, pampering herself at DOTON PLAZA, OSAKA. 

〒542-00822-15-10, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


  1. Love all your photos. You are such a doll.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Much love, Len

  2. This really is drug store paradise!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  3. Looks so good - I'd love to visit! Your hair is just perfect btw!
    Kira Is Wearing

  4. Awesome pictures :) It seems you had a great time shopping :) Hugs
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  5. I love tax-free shopping because what you see is what you get. I like how some cities include taxes in their prices, even though you have a tax to pay you almost forget about it lol.

    Rina Samantha

  6. Looks like you had a blast, shopping must be so fun here. I can't imagine the massive variety of cosmetics, would love to see this shop one day!

  7. This looks like an awesome place to shop, so many unique prodcuts

  8. Everything looks amazing.

    Bernie, xx

  9. Oh wow, I need to go there...<3

  10. Aww, it looks really fun and exciting! Congrats for your invite ;) I wonder how much cheaper are the products in Japan compared to Canada?:D I'll be heading to Japan, Tokyo specifically, in a week and I'm so excited. Unfortunately I won't be going to Osaka this time around but Dotonplaza sounds great. ^^ By the way, I love your outfit and hair! X

    Simplee Nikkie

  11. What a lovely shopping experience! Ooh, dreamy racks upon racks of Chloé sunglasses - and YES to the mermaid bras!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Estella Bartlett Jewellery Giveaway (Open Worldwide!) x