Sunday, May 27, 2018

How to Let go of Answer You Want to Hear

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

Have you ever felt like you are desperately in need of knowing something? The answer of the future, the career you are looking for, or even the goal of relationship, which you are unsure of where it leads to. I'm one of those people who think too much. I think back & forth. I think about the pros and cons, or even expect the answer right about now! Well, I'm going mental, honestly. Because it drives me to nowhere, except back to the same shit loop of thought. I hate it, but literally can't stop. Old habit dies hard right? However, I've recently learnt that sometimes we just can't control everything by our own two hands. Every now and then, our life can be like a twist & turn. But how to let go of the answer we are all searching for? 


I am a positive thinking person, but this is reality. The future is what we cannot see. So, I guess to prepare mentally is one of the good advice. To prepare for the worst to come, that's right. Why? Because if it actually happens, then we may not feel as bad as we expect. We prepare, we are ready for the war, and we deal with the consequence. However, it's very hard, I'm telling you. Because now it can make you feel so shitty like you hate yourself. It's like the pre-stage of cutting off something. Bit by bit, everyday, your heart and soul will eventually become numbed. As a result, nothing can get any worse in the future. It's mental, I know. 


We all have hope. We all have a positive thinking mindset. You can use the Secret technique, like attracts like, or anything you want. However, for me, when it comes to 'numb the expectation and feeling' I would rather not expect any shit I can't find the answer. I'm a positive thinking girl (at heart) But, it is just too much for me to think about what I want to know, or the answer I want to hear from others. You only keeps hurting yourself by digging the answer, that it may or may not be what you want. Just stay with 'yourself' 

Well, I was a person who expected everything, and literally scared of what I couldn't see. I was afraid that if it didn't turn out like I had expected, I would be devastated...It's like a sword that pierces my heart bit by bit. What if this? What if that? What the fuck why I think too much?! LET GO, SIMPLY LET GO. I know it's hard, but you have to protect yourself from getting deeper in your thoughts. 

Shirt- Uniqlo
Boots- Villains SF
Eyewear- ZeroUV


  1. Great tips! & loveee the shoes!

  2. Wow! This is such a cool and sexy outfit!

  3. Beautiful words, just the right mindset! Your photos are stunning :D
    Sending all the love,

    Patricia & Miguel

  4. The unknown is definitely scary so we all want to know the answers to things to come but you're right. We need to relax and try not to overthink things!


  5. These shoes are so cool! Love them :)

    x Merel

  6. I love that leather jacket!
    - Avalon from

  7. So very true! I'm always wondering what is around the corner, but in reality, the most exciting things happen when I am too busy working on something else! Love these shots and your amazing boots!!

  8. Nice post!
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  9. Totally obsessed with this look! These images belong in a magazine!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Such a good read you have here dear. Really puts things into perspective. Anyway, love your fab look!

    Jessica |

  11. Just loving' those boots! SOOOOO SEXY AND fantastic styling' babe!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  12. Love your boots babe, so hip. I like how you deal with expectations and that's to not expect at all. It's actually pretty cool even though it's hard. Wishing you a fun weekend.