Friday, June 1, 2018

What to Do at Shibuya? **Chillaxing Version**

📍Shibuya, Tokyo

Honestly, I always avoid going to Shibuya, Tokyo because the crowd is just wild. I love the big city, but sometimes is just too much, especially in Tokyo. As a fashion & travel blogger of The Equinox Fashion, I've been traveling to this city several times, still I'm in love. However, my traveling style is so simple that people think I live here. I don't really go to the attractions because too many people makes me annoyed. 1.) I can't really get good street style #ootd shots, 2) Attractions are expensive. But hey what about Shibuya? It's the world famous spot too. Well, what to do at Shibuya? Here's how to chill for those who just wanna chillax in a big city. 


Well, what more can I say? I love talking photos but prefer not to mingle on the street. In a raining day like this, I usually hide myself around the corner (sounds like a creep right?) And just take photos. You can literally see the Japanese lifestyle, the bustling lives crossing the rode, just like in the movie. I love observing people, though I don't really understand what they saying in Japanese. However, it's kinda like living in the moment. 

Shibuya Crossing from the train station


From Uniqlo, to Forever 21, you can simply enjoy all the brands here. FYI, not the luxury brand though. Mostly are the fast retailers like H&M, Muji, GU and some of the Japanese brands at Shibuya 109 and other department stores. Love the pink pastel kawaii thing? I would recommend you to Harajuku (which I will publish my favorite shops at harajuku later) But if you are looking for everyday outfit, then Shibuya can be the right place. 


If you've nothing to do, just do cafe hopping! There are a lot of cafe to visit in Tokyo, such as ELLE, and etc. What's better than just eating in the rain?! Here's one of my faves. 


  1. The city looks so busy, but we bet you can find some quite spots to chill there :)
    Thanks for sharing,

    Patricia & Miguel

  2. Wow! Weather looks so good :) Umbrella's everywhere <3 Lovely post! <3
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  3. I love the scenery in your post, such a nice place!

    April of:
    IG: @aprilnunezzz

  4. It looks like such fun! I'd love to shop there, and yes the people watching would be wonderful too! :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! It's a busy but fun one here :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I also do ejoy watching busy streets

  6. Whish I can visit this place soon!! Great post :)

    Check out my latest blogpost, to get some spring ootd inspo :)

    xx Eva

  7. I really like Shibuya I think I spend the most time (and money) there even though I don't intend to but I always seem to be there haha! I think I actually bought more kawaii and otaku stuff from there than I did in Harajuku and Akiba haha!, Shibuya seems to have everything XD


  8. People watching is one of my favourite activities! But I hear ya. Even in New York, there are so many spots that are always packed. The trick is to get there really early. Like for the Brooklyn Bridge, I literally got there at 6am to make sure I'd get a clean shot!


  9. i love how you're finding ways to relax in such a busy place! xx

  10. Love this post! Pictures are so amazing!

    Mihaailo |