Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stop Body Shaming

I used to be called 'ugly', 'fat', 'cellulite walking' Everything you could've imagined. I was very concerning about my body shape, how I look, and even took the exercise to the next level. Working out is good for health, even now I usually do the cardio and muscle workout 3 - 4 days a week. But sometimes, it's not just about going to the gym, is it? We are women, we look into our reflections in the mirror every single damn day. What do you see? Are you happy? I do actually. Because, I don't define who I am from just the body shape. The beauty must come from the inside, not only physical. No matter how you look, slim, chubby, fat, we are all beautiful. So, stop body shaming to one another. Especially, those men who criticize us, please mind your own business first. 

I'm not gonna blame social media for this shit, though it plays a big part. It is us, we are so weak that we let the criticism control our confidence. Honestly, it happens to me all the time. When people tell me to go on a diet, or when I scroll down Instagram and see a lot of beautiful, good looking ladies with a perfect body shape, I was like "Damn girl how could you have such a flat tummy!?" Of course, it's me who keeps eating like there's no tomorrow (lol) I can't even wear a crop-top, because I love eating so much. However, if you love eating as much as I do, just go on. 

I'm so happy that nowadays, people have started to accept every body type, compared to the past. There are a lot of petite and plus size clothing lines. I love it! It shows that we women are strong enough to show our imperfect body size. We accept whatever we have and do not afraid to flaunt in social media. Sometimes, when I take a photo for my fashion blog The Equinox Fashion and Instagram@thequinoxfashion, I always choose the best shot (aren't we all??) In the past, I always got mad when I saw my big thighs or arms. It was frustrating, especially there was no even 1 good shot which I looked slim enough for the Instagram. But now, seriously I can't be ass lol I just pick whichever I like. If it means to show my big body parts, then so be it. I'm not gonna shaming myself because this is the 'real' me. I don't want to look different from Instagram.


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  2. Indeed. Social Media is a tool, and it's how we use it that impacts our lives. Body shaming is caused by people, not the tool. Anyway, you look fab dear, love your hair!

    Jessica |

  3. People who told you such crap were blind - you're beautiful and definitely not fat. Seriously, some people are just too stupid to live on the same planet as normal ones. Such comments are disguisting.