Monday, July 23, 2018

Travel to Seoul, Korea

📍Seoul, Korea

I just can't believe I'm in Seoul, Korea right now! I had never expected to come to the country of innovative cosmetic industry, K-pop culture, well-known plastic surgery, amazing history and everything I've ever dreamed about traveling in Seoul. As a journey of Thai fashion and travel blogger of The Equinox Fashion, traveling is 'my life' The more I explore, the more I feel alive because it means that I live my life to the fullest. I arrived Seoul around midnight by AirAsia (and the flight ticket wasn't cheap at all because I had booked 2 weeks before setting off lol) Compared to Tokyo, Japan, it took only 5 or 5:15 hrs to touch down Incheon Airport. And no wonder, I slept all the way through...So, how to get to the city? Where to stay in Seoul? Here's my recommendation!


FYI, I arrived at midnight, so the train had already stopped...That's why I had to take the cab instead. There were many taxi drivers waiting at the departure gate just to get the customers. I didn't try the service, because I chose to use the airport taxi service instead. I didn't know if they were legit, or how the price would be. Therefore, I would need something legitimate to get me safely to my Airbnb. The taxi from the airport to the city took about almost 1 hour, so the price wasn't cheap at all. However, if you travel alone, and arrive later than midnight, I would suggest to take the cab. 


For me, I always stay at Airbnb. I mean you can have a read at The Equinox Fashion Hotel Review, there are Airbnb choices I've chosen both in Tokyo, Osaka. I recommend you to watch the video above, because you will see how my Airbnb looks like (which I guarantee you will love it!) I spent almost the same amount of money for Airbnb Tokyo & Seoul, but the rooms are literally different! Reasonable price with the river view and all of the utilities equipped by Samsung technology, this place's got 10/10!

If you are a fan of Asian convenient store, there's one on the 1st floor lol Korean noodle got in my stomach every day guys. Besides, it's only a few minutes walk to the subway. Literally convenient I must say!


  1. Last time I was in Seoul our flight was delayed and we just missed the last bus however we found that there is a night bus into the city, we had to wait a while as the queues were long (the taxi line was longer!) but we got into the city by bus then grabbed a cab from the station to our apartment which was only 10 minutes ride away, it worked out so much cheaper though! Also Korean ramyeon is the best, why is it so expensive in Thailand?? I was cheaper for me to buy in the UK 55555! But yeah everyone already knows I love Seoul and I miss it so much so next time take me with you :p

  2. Such a beautiful and informative video! Thanks for sharing information!

  3. I wanna go to Seoul so bad! Seriously everyone who's gone keeps telling me that I will love it!


  4. I've always wanted to visit Seoul! You certainly did its justice with this vlog :)

    - Marina W

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! I really enjoyed reading this. :-)

  6. a place to be
    Have a lovely week.
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  7. I have Seoul on my bucket list! Such an adorable and fun place to visit. Thanks for the tips dear!

    Jessica |

  8. Seul is definitely one of the places on my Bucket List and I hope I'll be able to go soon. Hope you enjoyed your stay there!

  9. You really enjoy your travel solo and great post 😊

  10. Seoul is so charming and it definitely has so much to offer. This is an exceptional guide which will be very helpful for every first-timer there. Excellent post!