Monday, July 16, 2018

Hair Travel Kit for Korea

📍Bangkok, Thailand

I'm heading to Seoul, Korea this Thursday and I'm literally so stoked about this trip! Not only I will be meeting with Carin Glasses, whom I collaborated 2 years ago, but also creating some of the coolest street fashion shoots (there's something in the Asian scenario that I've obsessed) With the limit of backage weight, I do have to be careful when packing. I will absolutely bring some of the cool 'heavy' clothes, meanwhile trying not to exceed the allowance. What is my travel essential this time? I've recently got my hair done (100% change with no more ombre!) So, I kinda want to flaunt it. The hair travel kit for The Equinox Fashion travel series this time is provided by Ionic Pro, who's kind enough to give me both straightener comb and curler. 

Do these items work? YES, you can actually see the result on The Equinox Fashion Instagram (IG TV!) I love them both because they came in such a handy moment when I need something convenient and light-weighted. 

The straightener comb is my most favorite I would say. Just plug in, wait a bit, you will be able to feel the heat, as well as, there's the temperature shown on the tool. So, rest assure that it won't be too heat up.  You can simply comb your hair through. It doesn't make my hair 100% straightened like a flat iron, but I love the result of this natural look. However, my one advice is to grab your hair and gradually comb it. You shouldn't place directly on the scalp when it's too hot.

The temperature of straightener comb

If you love curling your hair, this one may be the go to equipment. Even you are not a 'pro' like me, you can still get the look you want. Don't know how to twist in or out? Don't know how to curl the hair properly? Well, what I love about this product is that you can simply press the button left/right, it will automatically roll for you. How easy is that?!

Iconic Pro Hair Equipment


  1. I just recently changed my hair to, I got it all cut off, so done with long hair especially in Thai humidity 5555! You'll love Seoul I miss it already and I was only there in January, there's so many cool places to do fashion shoots!! xoxo

  2. Interesting products, good on you to share them here.

  3. These looks really promising. I'd love to get my hand on these and try these myself.

    Jessica |