Saturday, December 29, 2018

Content is King 2019

📍Tokyo, Japan

In 2019, content is still the key to get an attention from the audience. Not only I'm a blogger of The Equinox Fashion, I've also been working in a field of branding and marketing for a few clients (view my portfolio) That's why I can say 100% "content is the king" I'm not gonna talk about how to write a content in this post, but I want to talk about the best way to grab attention from your audience from the perspective of a marketer. No matter if you are a blogger, writer, or a marketer just like me, these tips may be able to help you get some ideas to create some contents. If you are interested in working in the branding, I will share my experience and how to create a brand later :)

The Equinox Fashion in Tokyo
Pants- Pomelo


When I write the content on Instagram for the footwear brand I'm working at, the first sentence is the most important. One of the most essential tips is to 'put the value to the audiences' Why would the product benefit them? Why they need it? How the shoes can help them in everyday life? It is ok to write a story if you a blogger or Instagramer. But, if you want to sell your product, writing a long story is not gonna increase your sales. I mean, for the sake of branding, the story is very crucial, because it is who you and your brand are. However, for the marketing, making money is the way to feed everyone. That's why you need to combine branding + marketing to get the brand going. 

One more thing, the attention span of consumer is very short. Probably, you have only almost 2 seconds to pitch them. So, concise, clear, value headline is the key. 


I always believe that how I write the content on social media to get the consumer's attention is somehow reflecting the brand persona. Every single word shows who you are. That's why you need to put the personality in the content. Some people say branding is all about the visual, but it is not. Branding is all about how the audience remember who you are. What you stand for is what people will remember. In terms of the content, if you are running an official account of something serious, using such friendly content may not be appropriate. But if you are selling the items such as clothes, cosmetics, and etc, maybe a conversational style of content will be able to relate you with the audiences easier than writing scientific facts. You can put an emoji if you like, say it like how you talk to your BFF, find out who your audiences are, and you will find a way. However, it all depends on the brand position. For the luxury one, conversational writing may not be an ideal. 


  1. So fresh look! I like it!

  2. such an amazing outfit sense. I really like your outfit.
    xo Corina

  3. Some good tips!! And the whole two-second thing is crazy, right?! So fast!
    xx Jenelle |

  4. I work in marketing and I appreciate such ideas more and more because I want to grow. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

  5. This is super on point dear, especially the last part. People, especially in the blogosphere, can easily see if you're faking it. Find your voice, and stay true to it. People love real people. Anyway, thanks for the lovely read!

    Jessica |

  6. Nice tips! I agree, putting a great content in blogs or in Insta is tops! Here's to a fun and happy 2019!

  7. Love the entire look. Great styling doll. Keep up the good work!
    Have a great weekend ahead!
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