Sunday, January 6, 2019

Why Love is Not the Answer to Happiness

📍Bangkok, Thailand

I have read a lot of 2019 resolutions on Instagram, and I wish I had one. I think every year, I just write goals I want to achieve actually. Not only career, but also money and health in general. However, the biggest lesson for me from last year was "Love is not the answer to happiness" I used to think that being in a relation was the fulfillment in life. Having a boyfriend, getting married, and being the happiest girl in the world. Slap my face twice, this is the reality. I'm truly happy for those who are in a good place. But for me, love is not as easy as growing the career. 
We are just a normal human-being, and have a feelings towards each other seems ok, right? But putting too much in it is like killing yourself softly. If you are able to find the right one, who can give the love as much as you can provide, then don't read this. In my situation, it was very complicated. For 29 years, I've met many guys and I always have an expectation to every date I go. Reality is, it's not simple as that. Tinder, yep I use it but I really don't know how to even find the right relationship starts from that...I was desperately finding that one person to talk to every night (so I wouldn't feel lonely) However, what's the point of that? If just talking, but relationship is not moving forward, I think it's kinda stuck. I have been in this loop for a while and I've come to conclusion that it's not my number 1 happiness in life. I depended too much on the little hope from someone, which never happened as the way I wanted. Go on a date, then nothing happens, back to Tinder, and repeat. 

Sometimes I question myself "Why it's so hard to find boyfriend????" Lol It feels like running after something, which I don't know if it's gonna work or not. That's why I've reached the point of NOT ANYMORE. I'm 29, and I don't wanna waste my time to those who are not ready for it. If the relationship is not balanced since the beginning, it's gonna be like that forever. Have you ever heard "If the relationship is unclear, it will be unclear for the rest of the time-being" Same thing. 

Ladies, if you are looking for love, or running after the prince somewhere somehow, just stop. One day you will find him/her when the time is right (I mean without even trying) For now, I've been focusing so much on building my career not only as a blogger of The Equinox Fashion, or Instagrammer @thequinoxfashion but also being branding and marketing consultant for a few brands. It is such a good feeling to put 100% effort in work and see it grows like a tree. That's my happiness that I can truly love myself by being a girl boss not a loser like I used to.


  1. Such a smart decision I reckon. Good on you to move on from the past love and truly devote your time to work. You are correct, love will find you when the time is right. You look gorgeous, I like your pleated culottes. Have a fun and happy 2019!

  2. I'm really so happy to hear what you said. and I'm 29 too, I know what your feeling. we are a women who need a strong man haha I hope you found a good man because i see you a good women too, happy new year :)

  3. I agree with you that love is not always the answer to our happiness. You look stunning in this outfit. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  4. This is super on point dear. Love will find you. Wishing you all the best this New Year! Happy 2019!

    Jessica |

  5. Fresh look! Love color!

  6. I agree that it will happen when it is time. Wonderful post!

    Lesley Kim

  7. No love, or more to point needing attention and praise from someone is not the answer. Love is hard work, as is a relationship. Both parties have to be ready and mature. Though I don't think using Tinder is the way to go if that is your goal. Tinder is for booty calls ie hook ups one night stands etc...that is what my friend used for.

    So the first step is to get off Tinder which is all about getting laid and moving on. Then yes focus on yourself and bypass the drama. And think about going places where you could meet quality guys though don't ask where that is exactly hahaha.

    Allie of

  8. I HAVE to get these shoes! I love the way you styled them.


  9. What fun pleated pants! How frustrating you haven't found a good relationship yet but I hope it happens for you soon! :)

    Hope that your week is going well! I've posted a new outfit linkup on my blog if you want to check it out :)

    Away From The Blue Blog