Sunday, February 3, 2019

Do You Believe in Horoscope?

📍Bangkok, Thailand

It's been a while since the last time I wrote here. Sorry, I've been super busy to the point that I can't even deal with every task at the moment. How you guys doing? For me, I work 24/7 and I actually love it. If you follow The Equinox Fashion Instagram, you might as well notice that I have started the business, which I have a creative team now :) Though no time for the fam, or even personal stuff, I love the fact that I'm tired AF everyday. Weird right? Anyway, I got a chance on my day off (well literally not a day off, just after work) to stop by at this bar (+cafe) on Silom, Bangkok. It's pretty interesting that there's a horoscope section for visitors to try their luck. The bar owner said "It's very accurate here, and I think you should give it a try" As a blogger of The Equinox Fashion, I didn't want to miss that. 

Every woman loves this thing, well I do. I don't really 100% believe in it because I believe in my own action. However, it's fun to read or even listen to what the fortune teller got to say. How about you? Do you believe in the horoscope? 

I think it makes us happy if whatever we read or heard of is good news, but sometimes it makes us disappointed or scared if it turns out as a bad news. I have had experiences of both actually. I tried the tarot card, palm reader, even birth date analysis, which I don't know how to properly call it. Some of my friends are really in to this stuff, but for me let say just listen to it as a guideline. Not really what I have to focus on, because no one knows what's going to happen really. 

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