Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Risky Outfit

Earrings- Hidden Treasure

'Risky Outfit' is not just about how we mix&match the palettes and bold prints, but how we choose the outfits also. I am not an expert about fashion, I don't usually wear a dress because I am more into tomboyish monochrome style, however, I have recently seen young teenage girls and they make me wonder how their parents let them come outside with the outfits like that? Being a teenagers is fun because it is the time of experiment, but too much disclosure can be dangerous tooTo be honest, the teenage girls these days know what they are doing. I couldn't even pair the clothing pieces together when I was young because I didn't know how and what to wear. I didn't even know what fashion was actually. Speaking as an old person right here, I think some young girls whom I have seen so far dressing up in quite a risky way.

Fashion is fun but I can say that it can be danger in arousing men too. For me, 'risky outfit' means showing off too much. Some of them are wearing crop tops which almost reveal their tits (nipples for the worse case), or skirts that almost uncover the ****. I don't understand why their parents don't say anything or at least warn them about living in a big city when there are both good and bad people mingling together. I have heard lots of bad news about girls being kidnapped or raped which are unpleasant right? That is the reason why I do concern about their outfits even though it is none of my business at all. 

 Showing boobs are acceptable for me because it is Summer but for the age between 11-16 years old, it doesn't look good for me though I am very open-minded person. Whenever I see the kids with such outfits, the first thing popping up in my head is their 'parents' I wonder how can they not consider about their girls' safety, especially when they go out with their friends. 

If I were a mother, I wouldn't even let my daughter to follow such trend when they have to show their tits just to get the attention at the weekend. I am a woman, so I am ok with some circumstances, but when I see my boyfriend or guy friends strongly react towards the kids with the #ootd like that, 99% expressed negative comments straightaway. I believe that every parent loves his/her children, please consider about their safety in clothes too. 


  1. SO true, especially over here in Manchester it´s crazy! I see so many girls dressing like #### and I just can´t believe it! Not sure if I would want my kids to grow up here haha.

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Amazing sunglasses and boots <3

  3. Great outfit! I love your tee :D xx


  4. I don sometimes think younger teens are encouraged to dress a certain way which may not be appropriate but I think more bloggers an media are showing woman and girls how to love and be comfortable in their skin which is great - definitely an age appropriate thing!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Gail! Since I'm a mother I'm wondering about the same question! Though sometimes the parents even didn't know about their daughter's style... I have to admit, there are many bloggers showing more a.. than class on their Instafeed and blogs! I think bloggers are a kind of role models too since they present their life (and style) to thousands of people! Great topic to discuss, babe! Love your rocking risky outfit! <3


  5. i can't take my eyes out of your tee. i need one!

  6. I'm loving the new layout and banner!! I want a leather jacket like that :)

  7. Love how you styled it!! amazing pics

  8. What a great look sweetie, looking beautiful as always!

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  9. I love your urban style! I had zero fashion sense as a teen haha. I'm definitely going to be a strict mum, I hate seeing young girls in revealing outfits.

    Tara x

  10. great post!


  11. Ahhh I love your tee!!! I'm such a Family Guy fan <3


  12. Super cool look. Love it.


  13. i love your sunnies and the earrings look cool, too! i do agree that i would probably not let my future children wear every outfit that young girls can be seen wearing these days, and hope that they'll have the sense to have a good and decent sense of style, haha. but at the same time they/any women aren't responsible for the feelings they might evoke in other people/men, and even though i don't think it's that appropriate for a tween or a young teen to wear clothes too revealing, i think everyone should have the right to wear what they want. it's more of a problem for people to sexualize an 11-yo, than for her to wear clothes that show a bit of skin, especially in the summer! you know? xx

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  15. Great out fit!!
    Your T- shirt is so cute♡
    I love your round sunglasses!


  16. Love your outfit Gail- those round sunnies are cute! I feel exactly the same, I often see young girls wearing very little and it concerns me.

    Rachel xx

  17. I love this look! That leather jacket is perfect!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  18. I think this look really cool! <3

  19. Oh wauw that is such a great outfit! So cool! I love your tee and how you styled it with the leather jacket

  20. Marvelous earrings ! Your tee is so cute.
    How are you beauty ?
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  21. I'm 100% with you on feeling a little uncertain when seeing young girls in revealing outfits - I also wonder what their parents think (and if we're being honest, why they aren't stepping in and helping them see other attractive ways of dressing without showing too much skin at such a young age!). On a brighter note, you look just as stylish and 'cool' as always Gail! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  22. Love your jacket. Your comments about the undressed style of some of the trends of today is spot-on. Great to hear from you. I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  23. I agree so much with you. Clothes show your personality and if you dress like a slut, people will think that you are a slut. Young girls dont have marurity to understand that the say they dress can change the way people see them, and that can ruin their future. And parents should protect the daughters from it, but some parents just let them dress the way they want.. and that's not right.. (sorry for the long text xD)


  24. wow you look great honey ! this whole edgy look suits you so well ! you're such an inspiration for me :)

  25. I also think parents are not aware of how their kids dress. The kids may be all covered up and as soon as the parents turn their back, peel off the layers. But you look amazing, great post. Your sunnies are so cool. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  26. stunning,you look so lovely
    love the edgy feel in this look

  27. Ooh. Two of the cutest characters in a shirt. Nice!