Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lunch at Amba Taipei Ximending

The continuation of Amba Taipei Ximending series is here! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have a glimpse of Hanko 60 Bar, which located less than 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. However, if you are looking for a place to brunch/lunch/dinner, the hotel can serve your need straight away. As a part of The Equinox Fashion, food review is one of the most popular categories of the website. That's right, apart of the street food market in Taipei you must try, but also this lunch combo will absolutely make you drool! I tasted every single bit of the dishes, as well as, had a chance to watch over the kitchen closely. So, I can honestly say that lunch at Amba Taipei Ximending was one of the great experiences of this trip. 

If you love the juicy yet fresh combo of CHEESE + TRUFFLE + MUSHROOM, this signature pizza will absolutely be the right selection for you! a matter of fact that I'm writing this post, I am indeed hungry again haha. What more can I say?! Just watch the YouTube above, and you will see why I am thinking about this pizza again. The amount of black truffle and cheese was overload! I loved it though! Actually, there are a few choices of pizza to choose, however, I went for this one because I had had a feeling that it must be something yummy. In fact, I was right because it was really delicious. If you love truffle, you gotta love it too! That truffle smell was literally popping and cheese was yum! Refreshing the palette with the fresh herbs and mushrooms, I think this one is good for everyone.

Just in case you are craving for salad, order 1 is more than enough! I had no idea it would be this big until the waitress served me what I had ordered (lol) The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. Served with cheese (again) and tomatoes with a bit of everything, I would recommend this one for those who want to keep it healthy in the full option. 

Ta daaaa, another main dish! Deep fried chicken for the whole table! Well, it was very HUGE and I just couldn't finish in once. It was very crunchy and juicy! (I'm super hungry right now!) Once I cut in half, the heat was coming out and I could see that the chicken was indeed fresh. In fact, it was very tender. Food coma? No worry, as I had an intention to gain weight since the moment I booked the flight ticket to Taipei. It's the food paradise you guys! If you love to travel, no need to think about the word 'diet' Because you gotta try everything in that country. Well, you can always come back home and work out! For now, just have fun and enjoy the trip! 


  1. Your photos are so stunning, it complements the food so much!

  2. These looks sooo good! Can't go wrong with those deep fried chicken.
    Jessica |