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Why Amba Taipei Ximending Is A Hotel to Stay When Visit Taipei

📍Amba Taipei Ximending, Taiwan

If you remember, I was once had a chance to stay at Amba Taipei Songshan while traveling in Taipei 2 years ago. However, on 17th of May, once again I had an opportunity to visit Taipei, and this time I stayed at Amba Taipei Ximending, located at the heart of the city. If your purpose is to just shop til you drop, hang around in the city and experience the urban culture of Taiwanese, this is the right hotel you can absolutely consider to stay. I'm a city girl, so to be able to stay here was literally amazing, because I could go shopping anytime I want (haha). Well, what more can I say, MAC store is down stair ;)

Even at 11 p.m., when I asked the reception for a place to recommend for the bar or nightclub, at least I got the place to go. By the way, if you don't speak Chinese, no problem! Every staff here can speak English perfectly. 

The Equinox Fashion at Amba Taipei ximending

If you ever read my experience at Amba Taipei Songshan, this place gives you a total different vibe. Of course I have been a blogger of The Equinox Fashion for so long, I remember every hotel I stay. Located at the center of the shopping place of Ximending, the hotel is located on 5th - 10th floor (above Eslite Wuchang shopping complex) Once you step right out the building, you can access anywhere. I joke you not! Because I could search for the local restaurants, bars, and many things in just one place. 

Despite the bustling city lifestyle, the room still made me feel so private like home. The comfy bed which made me sleep at night, as well as, the equipped high-speed internet that I never had a problem at all. For the first time when I got into the room, I automatically felt like "I'm home Taipei" Also, the room provided me with everything I wanted, including a table for two, little wardrobe, flip-flop, huge mirror (for a photo lover like me), shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, hair dryer, towels and etc. Seriously, I didn't even have to worry about forgetting anything because the hotel got everything I needed. 

Moreover, there's 24-hour self service laundry room with washing machines, dryers, laundry detergent and softener. 

Lobby was also my favourite place to hang around. Not only every staff always smiling and greeting me with genuine smile, the vibe here's so relaxing. Designed with the lounge and a bit of plants in the middle, it felt like a cafe for me.  There's also a big space for dining, as well as, for hosting an event. I don't know I felt like this place was a combination of lobby + co-working space, which I like honestly. I didn't feel like a hotel, but a place for everyone to join and chill. Fun, creative and good for a generation like us. 

Also, there's an artwork you can take a look at the lobby floor too. I was like ok these pieces were pretty, but the manager told me to "take a closer look" And I did. What I noticed was that they used pieces of stickers to create these gems! Told you! This place is literally a creative space. 

This lounge turned into my favourite fine dining experience at night. 2 drinks got me thinking if the floor was spinning or not (lol) However, you can also order a booster juice for a hangover cure in the next morning too. Mine was a signature menu, which mixed with ginger and carrot. Honestly, I don't like the smell of carrot (at all...) But I couldn't smell anything from what I sipped here at all. It was naturally sweet and well-balanced with the ingredients. 

What so special about this hotel is that each floor is decorated and inspired by different themes. For example, on 6th floor, it is music-themed guestroom floor, and 7th floor is featured with 14-meter wide painting of Ximending neighborhood. 

Still can't get enough of Amba Taipei Ximending? Stay tuned for upcoming posts! Not only I have the amazing food testing to show, but also the guide to Ximending area, as well as, my favourite bar to recommend! 

*All opinions are my own to Amba Taipei Ximending**

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