Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Khaosok Boutique Camps, The Whole New Camping in Thailand Experience with Million Dollars View in Suratthani

  📍Khaosok Boutique Camp, Suratthani Thailand

My very first (ever!!) camping experience in Thailand began last month at Khaosok Boutique Camp located in Suratthani, Thailand. I went camping when I was young, but this time was a boutique camp, which was quite fancy actually. It took me an hour by plane from Bangkok to Suratthani, and another hour by a car to drive up the mountain. However, it was worth it. Look at the view (click for more video), how stunning it was to just stand there and look over all of the mountains with a nice weather. I would say the room was good (even better than I had expected) I mean it was clean enough despite of the water. Everything was equipped just like the ordinary hotel room excepted this million-dollar view. Plus, the staffs were very friendly and ready to guide you through this journey. If you want to sneak what it's like in the room, head over to The Equinox Fashion Instagram "Khaosok Boutique Room Tour!"

Camping with the air-con equipped like c'monnnn, it was good lol There was a mini fridge (with bottles of water), 2 clean& neat beds (my room came with extra sheet), wifi, opened-air shower, and toilet separated. Tell me how it was different from a hotel room we can afford in general??? I doubted about an insect at first, but I did survive without any bites. So, I guess the structure of the room-tent was very good. However, 1 thing I didn't enjoy that much was noises from people next tent. The material of it wasn't soundproofed. Therefore, it was quite annoying to hear them talking in midnight (if only they realised how loud they were...) 

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