Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Matapita x The hen huahin, cafe in Huahin To Visit (คาเฟ่หัวหินที่ต้องไป)

   📍Huahin, Thailand

I'm not gonna lie, but visiting cafe has been a norm for travelers this generation. Every corner of the street, there's gotta be at least one cafe or a coffee shop to stop by. However, there are lots of low-rating cafes with "only good for the gram" honestly... And I hate that because it doesn't worth the price. Tasteless coffee, sugar overloaded cake, overrated price, NAH not a fan. Anyway, I had found this place "Matapita x The hen huahin" on Google (with the rating of 4.6) and I tempted to go, since I could see lots of many good reviews with photos. So, I went there and was literally surprised because not only they served good desserts & refreshing drinks, but also worth the price. Such an Instagrammable cafe in Huahin I would recommend. 

If you follow me on The Equinox Fashion, or my Instagram @thequinoxfashion, you will also notice that I love eating and taking a photo. Being a fashion- travel blogger has been rough lately since I haven't been able to travel abroad. However, I'm not going to use that as an accuse, because having a vacay in Thailand can also be an optional when it is safe enough to get on the road. So what did I love about Matapita x The hen huahin?

First of all, I loved the fact that how they presented the food/dessert for every table, they made it like an 'afternoon tea by the sea' That's right every girl loves to take photo, and that was their gimmick when serving. Each little dish was put on a rack and served with the choice of a variety drink. I ordered the carrot cake and chocolate brownie. Honestly, they used a good quality ingredient. The cake was well-balanced (not that sweet for me and I loved it) and brownie was sooooo rich of cocoa.  Contrasted with the lightness of the iced-tea, everything was literally an afternoon tea for me except the big bites (LOL) 

Just look at the view, sea+ cake+ drink, what more could I ever ask for? It was such a perfect Sunday I wouldn't want to leave. The sky was so blue and clear, which was perfect for taking photos. Also, each table was set distantly so social-distancing measurement was good at this cafe. 

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