Tuesday, April 12, 2022

2 Things You Should Let Go In 2022

Helloooo, it's been a long long time since I last wrote for The Equinox Fashion. I honestly don't know what's the point of writing anymore since I don't have a proper time to write (I know it sounds like a lame excuse) But my mind is just not ready for this career like I used to. Maybe I just don't attend any events or travel the world, plus my attitude towards Instagram has changed since I have not been uploading the content just to write a story or gain more followers. Maybe it's just "M-E" platform, which the point is to show my style. Period. Today I was looking back all the success of this platform and it made me feel like 'damn am I really gonna ditch my blog?' So many things have happened, so many career paths I've done because of blogging. That's why I've made a decision to write again. At least, I'm not gonna waste 10 years of being a blogger that easily. So, back on track with the new article guys, 2 things you should let go in 2022. And the 1st one of mine is the 'excuse'


That's right, the "EXCUSE'' I feel like people have said their excuses out loud so easily. In fact, it shouldn't be like that. Even myself also blame the situation and everything with the excuses I have "Omg I didn't finish the work because no motivation, I couldn't go to that place because of the traffic blah blah" Not only I use the excuses to justify my actions/rights but also complain shit to the wrong people. Instead of saying what I wanted to the right person, I let it out in front of my friends or family members whom were not in a part of my shit loop...And that's WRONG. From now on, I want to let go all of the excuses and judges I have towards anything, and start standing up for what it should really be. Because there's no point of saying shit, in which doesn't make my life better anyway. 


Because it's 2022, and no one cares. I mean really people are obsessed with only themselves. So I've heard my people saying (even myself) that life is too short to care, and I think it's so fucking true. I don't know what will I get from nip-picking what others think anyway. I feel like being self-less can be a good choice, because not everyone is gonna like/love us. In fact, you can't make them feel a certain feelings. There's nothing wrong being a good person guys :) Just be you, and stay true to who you are. No matter what they think, just remember it is none of your business to care since the beginning. It's you and your road, keep focusing on what you do and think what's right for you. You are not responsible for  their opinions towards you. If you want to live in peace, you gotta need to get rid of the idea of focusing on others. YOU DO YOU. If they don't like you, just fuck them. Don't even pay 1% of your attention to those haters :) It doesn't worth your time. 

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