Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Black Dress

What's good everyone

I feel super good to be back here again after I've been disappearing for like 2 weeks or..maybe 3 lol because now I'm kinda busy designing clothes for competition. Anyway, now I'm back!!! :D

In this month, I have to go to lots of events such as wedding, birthday party or reunion and I'm sure many of you guys are in the same situation like I do.

Sooooo I have some recommend party dress to celebrate in this season for you guys, and that is a " Little Black Dress". Some people may prefer to wear a colourful like red or pink because it looks pretty and alive. However, I like the black colour in general that's why I think wearing the black one is kind of classy and sexy. Plus, it helps you look thinner :D

What do you usually think of when you heard the word Little Black Dress?
For me, Coco Chanel, my all time favourite.

The Little Black Dress Look

My Dress for the fashion show at Hilton 
Chiffon or Lace also look cute and glamour

Or the one I've designed

Black dress decorated with lace and fur
in the middle

Well If you are seeking for something classy and sexy for parties and events, The Little Black Dress may be able to help you :). If you want to look cutie, then find the chiffon one but if you want to look sexy, I suggest to choose lace on top or the flat tighten one :)

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Hope you guys enjoy 

Have a great day